Chapter six

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* Recap, Allison was on a date with Seth and James called her asking where she is*

"Why should I even let you have this job if you can't even be here when you're supposed to! I should fire you and actually hire a professional!"
At this point my eyes were building up with tears and if he kept yelling at me, he would see how weak I really was.
"I am so sorry Mr. Black, I thought you said I could go so I went and-"
"I don't give a damn! Your time, is my time. Where did you even go tonight?" He says still with anger but looking down at his shoes.
"I was on a date."
"Well we aren't having that anymore."
"Sir, this is my personal life you cannot keep me from it." I practically scream to him
"If you want this job I am going to need you to focus on this job. End of discussion." He says as he walks down to his room.
I stood there in shock. I had to pick between this job or an actual life.
Medical school is going to be my life and is important to me. So I had to choose my future.
Texting Seth:
"Hey, I'm sorry but this isn't going to work out. Thank you for the date. It was great. But it will never work out. I'm sorry."
I send him the text and turn my phone off. Even though I didn't really know him, I wanted to. He seems like a great guy.
I wake up to birds chirping from my window and I hear my curtains spring open. I jump from my bed and see James in a black suit that fit his body perfectly.
"Rise and shine. I have guest coming so you need to have this place cleaned by 5:30." And with that, he leaves the room.
I check my watch to see that it says "12:30" I had overslept and this is a huge house so I had a lot of stuff to do. I run to get dressed in a nice dress and go out and start to clean without makeup on.
When I arrive to the kitchen and begin to scrub the floors, James walks out and I yell you "watch out for the wet floors!" But it was too late. He hits the ground. Hard.
"Sir, I am so sorry. I was just try-" but before I could finish I could hear nothing but laughter and a smile on his face.
Man this guy was bipolar.
"Glad you're doing your work. Sad that I interrupted you." And he continued to laugh.
I fake laugh with him so it wasn't awkward.
I help him up and guide him to his room because he could barely walk on his right foot. He limps to his closet and begins to take off his clothes because they were wet from the wet floor.
I couldn't help but stare as he took off his shirt and it revealed a gorgeous body.
As I'm practically drooling, he catches my stare and lets out a chuckle.
"I'm fine now, go ahead and finish cleaning"
My face goes red and I leave the room.
When 5:30 comes around, hundreds of guest all show up in nice clothes. I lock myself in my room because I didn't fit into the crowd.
I turn my phone back on and to reveal 4 texts from Seth
"What do you mean it will never work out? You never gave it a chance."
"Did I make you uncomfortable?"
"I am so sorry Allison"
"If i did anything, please forgive me."
I felt bad because he didn't do anything wrong. I begin to text back when someone crashes through my door.
It was a man in his 20's drunk out of his mind.
"I thought this was the bathroom, but it's much better."
He staggers near me with hunger in his eyes. My heart begins to beat fast with fear and I begin to scream. The last time I felt this fear was when I was a little girl.
Seconds later, the man was in my face touching up my leg and before I knew it his body was thrown across the room.
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