Chapter 8

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I stood in front of the large wire fence guarding a eerie looking forest. I stared at it and turned to Kisai and Suji who were giving me the same look. Off to the side, Anko Midarashi was staring curiously at us, so Kisai adjusted her glasses and cleared her throat.

"So how did you all sleep?" She asked. Suji grinned and thumbs upped.

"Never better! Slept like a baby and so ready for this test!" He yelled. They looked at me. I blushed, thinking of Gaara. He had stayed with me all night until I had fallen asleep. Suji caught my blush.

"Oho, I see." He said, grinning and wriggling his eyebrows. I glared at him as my face grew brighter. Kisai laughed and I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah yeah whatever, laugh all you want. But let's start focusing on the second test now, hm?" I suggested. The two laughed and showed mercy, turning to listen to the proctor.

"This is the location for the second part of the exam, the 44th Battle Training Zone. the Forest Of Death. " Anko said mysteriously. I smirked. Little did she know, me and the gang had already been in there. Word leaked to Kisai that a village nearby's criminal underground night club owner hid an extremely valuable treasure in this forest. Well, naturally, I couldn't help but be attracted. Got me a lot of money selling it on the Black Market too... Anyway, point is I've been in the Forest of Death before and if any of you say anything about what I just said I'll deny it.

"Before the test, I'm gonna need you to sign these." Anko said, pulling out a stack of papers. "Just the standard consent form. Some of you may not make it out of here, don't want to be the one with responsibility for it." She laughed. I stared at her, she seemed so alright with it. I know the it's important for a ninja to not be effected by death, but this seemed a little harsh. Good thing we've been in there before or I would be pretty scared. I looked at Suji and Kisai. Suji wasn't fazed much, but Kisai was a little nervous. I patted her shoulder. Anko gave a description of the terrain..not that it mattered.
"The test consists of... Anything Goes Battle to get your hands on these scrolls." she pulls out a white one and a blue one. Anything goes? Heh..perfect. "You'll be fighting to have both a Heaven Scroll and an Earth Scroll. "All together, 28 teams will be taking part in these exams, so only half of those teams will be going after the Heaven Scroll and the other half will be trying to get the Earth Scroll. Each team gets one kind of scroll, but to pass the test, your team must bring a Heaven and Earth scroll to the Tower. The test has a time limit. You must finish within five days." She said. Five days?..that's just a drag.Man, I sound like Shikamaru now.

"If all three members of team cannot make it to the Tower with both scrolls, you are disqualified. Same goes for if the team loses a member or if a member becomes incapacitated and cannot continue. And most importantly, you may not, absolutely can not, open the scrolls before you reach the tower."

"But what if it happens to flop open and we read it?" Naruto asks.

"Trust me kid, You. Don't. Want. To. Know." Anko smirked. "All right then, each team take your consent forms and exchange them for your scroll over there. After that, each team pick a gate and you will be lead inside." She finished. "Oh and one more word of advice. Just don't die!" I narrowed my eyes and the air got tense. Everyone was left to their teams now. I looked at my form and smirked.

This is my test. I'm phenomenal at survival, quick thinking. It will be easier than easy for me. Its what I do all the time. I found myself thinking of what Kisai said before the Chunin Exams. A written test, a survival ring, and one-on-one combat. It was pretty crazy- there was something all three of us were masters at. Kisai bested the written test, and now the survival ring was mine. Suji would have to wait a little longer, but soon he could get all riled up for the fights and come out on top for those.

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