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What's this. Someone is looking at him. What's this she's touching him. Oh no. Not allowed.

After he leaves I ask her to come with me. We go into my little "room". I lock the door. "So do you like Max"I ask. She nodded and blushed. "Well. Great. How about I help with your makeup. And you can go see him"I say. She nods. "Ok. Close your eyes"I say.

She closed them. I lose my smile. Now I have a evil grin. I grabbed my knife. "What's your name"I ask. "Karen "she said. "Karen. Open your eyes"I say. She opens and sees the knife.

She screams. And runs to the door. I grabbed her. "He's mine"I say. Then I stabbed her. I laugh.

"He will always be mine"I say.

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