Chapter Twenty-Nine - Priorities

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"What the hell were you thinking?" I voiced my aggravation, watching painfully as the raw scratch on Jacobi's bicep began to stitch itself back together. It didn't keep the blood from coating his pants or the sleeve of his long sleeve, though. "Are you insane?"

"I was trying to protect her."

"From what?" I snapped. "Her own mate? Maverick wouldn't have hurt her!"

"You don't know that." Jacobi replied. "He's been so unstable. What if he did?"

I shook my head, huffing in exasperation. Seconds after Adrienne and Maverick realized they were mates, Jacobi shot in front of Maverick to keep him from getting any closer to her. A werewolf that had just found his mate wasn't one to be messed with, as I'd learned when Jacobi and I had first met. Maverick had taken his anger right out on Jacobi, throwing him off guard by clawing his arm aggressively.

Guards had arrived in moments realizing their prince was under attack. Maverick was dragged away to the cells below the castle and Adrienne was left stunned and heartbroken, tears streaming down her face.

"You need to let him out of the cells."

"No." Jacobi replied tersely.

"What do you mean no? They're mates. They want to be with each other. Did you not see the look on Adrienne's face when they dragged him away?"

"She doesn't realize how dangerous he is." Jacobi hopped off his bed when his wound had completely healed. "He could seriously hurt her."

"How? He only seems to have this weird attraction to me. He's normal with everybody else. Who's to say he won't treat his mate like all other mates do?"

"Who's to say he will?" Jacobi rebutted, throwing his shirt off in aggravation to rid himself of the bloodstained clothes. "I won't take that chance."

"Who even gave you the right to make their decisions?"

"Adrienne is my friend." He reasoned. "I care about her and don't want to see her hurt."

"You mean Adrienne was your girlfriend, right?" I couldn't help but confirm. It was unsettling me that he was so concerned over her being mated to someone. And I had a feeling it wasn't completely because of how dangerous Maverick could be.

"Briefly. But that's irrelevant. She's my friend and the future alpha of the pack here. Of course I'm going to be concerned about her wellbeing."

I sighed, "She's probably not doing so well with you keeping her from her mate."

He disappeared into his massive closet for a few seconds before remerging in a pair of black joggers and a plain black t-shirt. "I'm going to go talk to her now."

I followed him half-heartedly knowing nothing I'd say would change his mind. I had to be quick to keep up with him but when he sprinted down the stairs I had no hope. There was no way I could climb down that many stairs in a minute, nonetheless a few seconds. My ankle was still healing. "Jacobi!" I yelled, stopping him once he'd reached the foot of the stairs.

He looked up at me, realizing my dilemma. "You don't need to come, love. Just hang out in my room a little."

He wanted to be alone with Adrienne. I couldn't help but feel hurt. My shoulders slumped and I turned back around, heading towards his ridiculously large bedroom. A lump had formed in my throat and no matter how hard I swallowed it wouldn't disappear.

I sat on the surface of his bed and stared at my legs. What did this mean? Now that Maverick found his mate would his attraction to me disappear? Would he hurt Adrienne? Did this mean Maverick was going to be an alpha too?

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