"You're doing it again." Maggie sang breaking me out of my memory of the day she'd found out.
"I wasn't thinking about him." I lied, and Maggie's smile turned sarcastic as she nodded her head with mocking eyes.
"Yep and I'm still twenty years old riding around on a motorcycle." Maggie said making my interest peak.
"You had a motorcycle?" I ask Maggie and she nods dismissively.
"Don't change the the topic darling, I was hot that's a given but we are talking about you and your silver eyed truffle." She says making me giggle, and she rolled her eyes at my childishness, a small smile coming to her face.
"How's Xavier doing?" She asked.
"He's fine." I say trying to be nonchalant.
"After the many years you've been coming to this cafe during your family vacations with your parents, and your two years of working here all your favourite old lady gets is fine?" She asks.
"You're not old Maggie." I say trying to change the topic again.
"Not gonna work." She retorts bemused.

"He's great, I'm just slightly worried, I think he purposely doesn't go to work sometimes or leaves early when he comes to know I'm home. I feel bad what if that starts affecting his business. Then he'll hate me and he already doesn't have many reasons to love me I mean I'm me, the type to mumble to myself, and just stick to the sidelines and he's the type who whenever he goes anywhere eyes follow him and I'm so plain. He's absolutely wonderful, quiet but when he speaks he always says something that you are going to remember for years to come. Intelligent but not cocky, or flaunting, and you've seen him so you know the looks dilemma." I finish off.
"Honey you are so much more then you think you are, you're adorable and kind and so beautiful and I've always hoped someday you'd meet someone who'd show you that, and now you have him. Do me a favour Raine, take care of him, don't ever let your insecurities get between you two, that boy doesn't let people in, but you Raine, he's letting you in." She says softly and I stare at her silently for a moment before nodding. Walking away, I didn't know if it was possible anymore, if I'd be able to do it.

"I won't." I promise and she smiles walking away to tend to the mother and daughter looking at books. The sweet little girl smiled up at her beautiful mother, and my heart melted, a small sad smile coming on my face I missed my own parents. Independence was great, and one should work to achieve it but God did I miss my parents. My beautiful mom, her soft warm hugs, that lavender and honey smell that seemed to just be a part of her. The way she'd immediately know if I was upset even if I pretended otherwise.

In high school I wasn't one of the popular kids, my nerdy persona and unathletic relatively petite physique didn't make me a huge hit with my peers. I hadn't ever been bullied but never had I had friends who I truly understood or clicked with. I was a bit of a loner, sometimes choosing to spend lunches alone in the library rather than in the company of friends I had to put effort into when making conversation with. Jay and Sophie were my only two real friends, people who prioritized me, who I clicked with, who were my first choice and I theirs. My parents always encouraged me to go out more as a child but I'd rather read then spend time with people who I wasn't prioritized for and neither they for me. My parents had been there for me all through that, I couldn't be more thankful for either of them. Maggie and Cyrus were great, parental figures in the absence of my own. Perhaps the only reason my parents had let me move away for university.

The door swung open Jay and Sophie tumbled in, shaking the snow off their caps smiling sheepishly as Maggie scowled at them for all the snow they'd dragged in along with them.

"Pumpkin patch, how are you?" Jay said wrapping his arm around my neck loosely.
"Why don't you two just get a job here, you spend most of your time here anyway." I said to them although I'd never complain I loved these two despite how moronic they were, they were my morons. My brand of moron.
"Like I'd hire them." Maggie snorted as she walked by and Jay's hand flew to his throat his jaw dropping as he stared after her appalled, eliciting a small giggle from me.
"Please we are the most diligent workers out there." Sophie said swinging an arm around Jay who wrinkled his nose at her in distaste.
"You, please a sloth is more diligent then you." Jay said pushing her off him.
"Well a pigeons smarter then you." Sophie said and I looked at her in confusion since when were pigeons considered stupid.
"Thousands of them fly right into windows and die." She says and I snort unattractively my hand immediately flying up to covering my face I was a horrible person, that should not have been amusing to me at all. Jay smirked at me knowing I wanted to laugh but was trying to hold it in.

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