Short chapter until I figure out how lengthen it.

The planet exploded.

No it didn't, however that would have been better, anything was better then being aware. Aware as the light drained out of his eyes.

His face didn't hold anger.

Or pity.

Just a dull acceptance.

The snow stung her eyes and face, the wind never seemed to stop with its yowling. She shivered and rubbed her arms.

All light and fight had gone out of him.

The tears were there, but refused to come out, they too were gone. All that was left it seemed was the cold dagger in hand.

She took another step the snow crunched underfoot.

My only friend and more. I will not cry I'm done with crying. If only ...

The wind stopped as if a dial had been turned. Just his breathing; can hear that.

She took another step. If only I could call them again. She tried wispering a prayer but it didn't work the spirts of light and shadow wouldn't answer.

Maxwell the dark-one came closer.

"Hurry up, finish this!"

Her head creaked from the effort of turning it. Yet, wasn't it... would it?

She stared at him. Why did Nathenal take my powers? If the jerk god wanted help? Her thoughts went around in circles and no answer came. Except what couldn't be; no not after all the agony they've all gone through. It wasn't fair!

"The spell must be wearing off."

The dark gods came out again, one at a time at first then far faster then could be seen.

It was hard moving, it burned fighting the spell. She made it over to Maxwell with the spirts buzzing in her ears.

"You are hilarious." He clapped slowly.

The storm increased to a blizzard and all she could see was Maxwell.

"And, you are dead," she said.

She closed the distance and shrieked as she plunged the dagger in his chest with both hands clenched at the hilt. Her skin cracked and bleed as it reakky wasn't smart fighting a biserker spell.

It hurt like holly fire to move. Her hands and arms were locked into place.

"You die with me," he said.


The dark gods still streaked about his head. Feh, some gods.

She smirked.

She whispered to the dark gods--the dark spirits.

"Dark spirits harken to me. Do as I bid of thee." It sounded kinda' silly but should work. Whatever it took. Maxwell was far worse then Nathenal by far. Whatever it took. The other was a jerk, but all he wanted was his body back, not this, not the death if thousands.

"Stupid worm, you can't control gods!"

Maxwell fell to his knees and she with him.

"They aren't."

She shouted now above the storm and Maxwell screams of rage. Little by little the filth bent to her will. This is why he'd taken the other powers, they were a cap on what called beneath. What had always tried to bubble up but had been pushed away and ignored. 

"End him!" she said.

The spirits swarmed over him like possessed hornets. Their shadowy eyes now red. They grew in mass and darkened.

They spiked though him countless times and poured into the wound area.

He fell over on his side; a small framed painting fell out of his vest. She was pulled down with him. 

Maxwell breathed on her it smelled of ash and coal. He chanted in the language of old of the Anchents.

He covered her hands on the dagger. An invisible seal smoothed over her hands and held them in place.

"I told you I would make you suffer for my son and life. Come with me, I will dance on your tormented soul in the dark-ones domain."

"You're making a mistake." 

"What makes you think it was an accident?"

Before she could reply, his eyes shined with a dark joy and then faded as his life dwindled; then left.

It was quiet in the cold as the snow covered her. She tried pulling free from the dagger it still wouldn't budge. She tried roling around to drag him, but her body was weak from casting the spell on the dark-ones. It would be another day before ... it don't matter am out of time.

As her toes lost their feeling the ground sank in below.


It was probly just body heat, ya.

The ground sank in even more, covering her partway. The soil it was warm.


The snow burried her completely now. All alone. I don't want to be alone any more. Her legs quivered from the effort of moving and she collapsed.





I'm sorry.

The earth gave way and she fell with Maxwell into the void.

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