With Love Comes Trouble

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Hello! I'm feeling super inspired this week so be ready for updates! Yay! This art from MaxDaily on deviantart. It's Hermione, but I love it!

After the fight, and after Rose had scolded both boys seriously, she found herself conflicted. She was starting to truly enjoy her friends again, but she was starting to drift away from Collin. Rose had felt a bit off with him ever since the fight. Every time they went out or had fun together, Rose found that her laugh was a bit forced, her smile wasn't genuine and her love was only given half-heartedly. This worried Rose a lot, she was afraid of losing him, but at the same time she longed for something else. Someone else. And it didn't help that her schedule was becoming more hectic, making it almost impossible to squeeze free time between OWL classes, homework and Quidditch. Her dad had been right. This was going to be a hell of a year.

A month later, Rose was sitting on her bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking about the Quidditch game that would take place that evening when a loud knock interrupted her thoughts.
"Come in" she said hoarsely.
The door creaked open and a long mane of red hair swung into view then followed by a very pink looking Lily. She nodded her head, once, twice, before finally coming inside. Rose squinted her eyes at her. Something was bothering her and not a lot could bother Lily Potter. She was fidgeting with her fingers, playing with them as if to calm her nerves. She walked a bit more before reaching the end of her bed and plopping down loudly. She sighed before straightening up and looking at Rose, her eyes slightly glazed.
"Rosie, I need your advice"
Rose felt a bit surprised at the words, Lily never asked for advice to anyone. Never.
"Sure. What's up?"
She ran her fingers through her hair.
"Geez. I really don't know how to say it. Ok, here goes. I like someone"
Rose felt her own cheeks glow red with excitement. Finally! The hormones had showed up in Lily! Rose wasn't alone!
Rose wiggled her eyebrows at her, earning a huge eye roll.
"Shut up. Yes, but that's not my point. I like this guy, but I think he's majorly friend-zoning me, and well I don't know what to do! I really like him Rosie"
Rose contemplated her for a second before responding.
"Well, I think that's excellent! The part of you liking him of course, but I think he might not be friend-zoning you. Maybe he's just shy! The point is, if you think you're friends enough to risk it, go for it! Tell him! Trust me."
Lily was thoughtful for a while before her lips stretched into a wide smile.
"No problem! Good luck!"
Lily rose from her seat and opened the door, she was about to go through it before adding.
"Oh and just for you to know, I totally ship Scorose!"
She winked at Rose before disappearing behind her long locks. Rose rolled her eyes, puberty had totally hit her.

Hours later, Rose and her team where strutting into the field, feeling as confident as they could get. They knew the chances of them winning where slim for they would be playing against Slytherin, but that didn't stop them from feeling elated and ready to beat them. Rose smiled widely at the crowd, her eyes scanning them for Scorpious and Alice. She found them and gave them a wink, even though she knew they couldn't see her. She stopped abruptly in the middle of the field and faced the opposite team. A whistle blew from beside her and the crowd silenced.
"Okay! Let the match begin!" Madam Hooch's voice pierced the air, the quaffle flying threw the air. 
Rose was quick and used her new confidence as she soared through the air and aimed for the hoop. She shot, she scored. The crowd went wild.
"Oh looke here! Miss Weasley is doing awsome! Already it's 10-0! Go Rose! Have you guys heard about the drama with Malfo-" the commentator buzzed, quickly interrupted by McGonagall.
Rose rolled her eyes and soared even higher, she avoided a bludger and caught the quaffle. She made a pass.
"Oh and now it's to Potter and oii! That's cheating! Anyway she scored! Oh well!"
Rose locked her eyes onto Lily as she saw her darting through the air, rocket fast. She was in a ferocious battle with Albus for the snitch. She watched as Albus quickened his pace and brushed the snitch with his fingers. Damn, Rose thought, as Lily barely managed to shake him off, the snitch already gone.
Rose tore her eyes from them and focused her attention back on the quaffle.

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