Hello!!! Thank you for checking out my book it means a lot but now let's get down to business.

NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE may use my characters or steal my ideas. All characters, places, events, and that other stuff is made up and shall not be used by anyone else without my permission. I am not afraid to go after you for using my ideas with out asking. If I so much as see a character name of mine or something else like that without credit to me, your going down. And it won't be like how Charliegotcaught handled it either. I'm ruthless so suggest you don't mess with me.

Now onto the introduction part of this.

My names Alana and this is not my first book so it might actually be good. Then again, my first book was a fan fiction that I never completed and then I deleted it.... Oh what the heck, its my first book. It is low key cringey for like the first ten or so chapters and I apologize for that. I will be going over this and editing it a lot and changing things once it ends. Trust me, this thing will be like a brand new book when I'm done with it. 👌

I write for fun and update whenever. I am doing a HUGE editing thing when this is finished so if you see any HUGE mistakes pm me and I'll fix it after. Everyone is welcome at my profile and if there is a certain event you want to happen in my book I will gladly put it in there and dedicate that chapter to you.

Any feedback is welcome for I strive to make this book the best I can and I can't do that if no one says anything. Its very frustrating.

Update.10/11/17: Okay so I know this book is very bad in the beggining, but I'm working on it so new readers, please keep reading and don't stop if you think its terrible! It gets a lot better the more you read! I promise!

Now that that's done I hope you enjoy book and please don't hate on other people. Thanks bye! ✌

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