Chapter Two

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I sat in solitude, fervently rubbing my arms trying to warm myself. My body shook from both the cold and my rumbling sobs. What did I do to deserve this? I cried out to no one in particular.

"Is it because I stole that candy bar from Danny Collins in the eighth grade?" I called out to the blackness.

I think I finally reached my tipping point.

I cried over everything; being torn from my life home, losing my mother at a young age, having the universe's most idiotic man as a mate.

I even cried at the word mate. "Who even uses that term to discuss humans?! I thought it was for animals that are about to get it on!" I screamed.

I was getting tired but the uncomfortableness of being in the hole vanished any chance of going to sleep.

I sat, lost in my thoughts and crying over my unfortunate circumstance. I did that for hours. Somehow, the tears never ran out.

My stomach was rumbling, having not been fed for over 24 hours.

My entire body was physically weak. I'd never felt more like utter shit.

Finally, after the longest night of my life, the top of the hole peeled back and light entered the room. I stared upward to see a smirking Roger, standing there in all his sexy black t-shirt and jeans glory.

"Well look who we have here. I should have known you'd be a runner."

I stared blankly at him, having no energy left to show how I actually felt at his idiotic words.

"Alright damn," He laughed, "Out you get then," he reached his hand out to help lift me out of the hole.

I stood on shaky legs and reached my arms out to his, grabbing his large hands. I should have known that was a stupid move.

He abruptly let go of me, causing me to stumble backwards.

"Oops, sorry," he chuckled at me.

I glared at him.

He reached his arms back towards me again, "I'm sorry, come on, just grab my hands." His tone was utterly insincere, but I grabbed his hands anyways. This time he didn't drop me as he effortlessly pulled me out of the hole.

"What, no thank you?" 

I squinted at him. 

He stood opposite me, taking in my appearance, "Well, you look like shit."

I fake smiled and turned away from him, crossing my arms.

He laughed and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, steering me out of the room.

I shrugged him off.

"Come with me. You look like you could use something to eat."

I didn't put up a fight because I really did need to get some food. As we passed some guards I flipped them the bird.

Once we were outside, Roger put on a pair of sunglasses and pulled out a cigarette, stopping for a second to light it.

As he took in a drag, I couldn't help but criticize him.

"You're going to kill yourself." I internally smiled, actually.

He laughed, exhaling a puff of smoke, "We all die someday don't we?"

"That is the most stupid excuse for smoking I have ever heard. Don't you want to live until you turn, like, a hundred?"

"I'll live as long as I will."

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