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I'm sitting in my room. Looking at the containers. I see the purple. I smile. My door opens. "Dad"I stood. "Is it true"he asked. "Is what"I said. "That the *hic* boy that came over *hic* *hic* told the school about the containers"he said. "Dad your drunk "I said.

"I don't *hic* care. Did he hurt you"he asked. "No. dad. It's fine. I forgave him. "I said. My dad gave me a long stare. "Better not be lying "he said. I nodded.

He left. And I went to bed.


The next day we were in that class. Max had yet to show up. "Does anyone know where he is"Amelia asked. No one said anything. "Ok. I'm calling the office "he said. Ross got his phone out.

"Ok. Thanks"Amelia got off the phone. "He wasn't even here today. They marked him absent. "She said.


I got my phone out.

Me:Where are you
Max:A place you don't need to know
Me:Max. Please come back to school
Max:I can't look at him
Me:Who cares.
Me:Just come back to school
Max:No. I'll talk to you later
Me:Max come on

I put my phone away. I looked up. "Ok. Um. I'm calling his mom"Amelia said.


Where is he. I wonder. "Ok. His mom said he went to school. "Amelia said. I looked at Adam. He didn't look up at all.


I saw Barney stare at Adam. I'm worried about him to buddy. I get a text.

Max:I need you to do something for me


Reds on his phone and the other two are looking at me. Stop please. I then feel my phone buzz.

???:I'm sorry
Me:Who is this
???:I'm sorry
Me:I'm blocking this number
???:Goodbye. And I'm sorry

Weird. I blocked it and put my phone away.

Where are you man.

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