Small Cuts

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"Im fairly certain we just bought out the whole entire hot topic." Pete laughed as they all walked out of the store with several bags in hand. Pete had bought every band shirt he could find, Patrick got far too many pairs of skinny jeans, phil bought out the Pokémon merch and dan had gotten everything anime. All in all, it had worked out rather well as they headed to the food court, hungry from shopping.

"Probably. But you really didn't have to buy us all that stuff." Dan said thankfully.
"Its no problem really. Ive been saving up money for about two years that i get from my allowance and the money i just spent on you was extra my mom gave me for Patrick and i knew he wasn't going to need all of it." He answered, giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

"You guys are adorable." Phil smiled at the two. It was nice to be around other gay people considering they didn't have many friends back at home. "Thanks. You two." Patrick replied happily, grabbing ahold of his boyfriend's hand. He still couldn't believe he was seeing his old best friend again. When Phil had left, the abuse was starting to get bad and he wouldn't dare tell him a thing. So many bad memories were still in his head from when his dad hurt him and they probably would never truly leave.

"What the fuck!" Pete yelled all of a sudden, feeling a hand grab his butt and another claw at his wallet. He turned around, ready to knock someone the fuck out when he was greeted with the one and only Brendon Urie molesting him.
"Jesus fucking christ! You scared the shit out of me." Pete said, shaking his head at the boy who was laughing his head off.

"Oh- oh my god. T-that was priceless." He breathed, a tear coming out of his eye from laughing so hard.
"Shut the fuck up Urie. I thought someone was stealing my wallet but then i felt you grab my ass and i was freaked the fuck out!" He chuckled.

"Well if you don't like to be molested i can always grope Patrick." Brendon winked, freezing as he noticed the two tall boys next to them.

They could either be some of Pete's friends or people his parents forced him to be with to make him christian. Bitting his lip he looked the two over very carefully before saying, "Hey... fellas. Homosexuals am i right?" He said with an extremely fake laugh, choking half way as the two looked at him oddly.

"Bren they aren't Christians."

"Thank fuck." He breathed out, looking back up at the two. "Well in that case, hi im Brendon Urie aka the most bisexual guy you will ever meet." He winked cheekily, holding his hand out to the two.
"This is Dan, my friend from London and this is Phil, his boyfriend and Patrick's old best friend." Pete introduced.

"Your Dan? As in the guy Pete wouldn't shut up about for the first year i knew him? Nice to meet you. Thanks for keeping the little shit in check before i met him." He smiled broadly. Brendon knew if Dan had never been there Pete would have been dead or close too so had plenty to thank him for.

"Your welcome."

"And nice to meet you Phil. Any friend of Patrick's is a friend of mine." Brendon smiled, shaking both of their hands. He might have only put on his perfect boy act when his parents were around but he always seemed to carry his politeness with him. "So i heard you were in a coma?" Dan asked in attempt to make conversation.

"Oh yeah! That happened. I was only under for like a month but im fine now." Brendon said when a boy ran up to the group, practically jumping on Patrick as he arrived. "Trick! Bren just got me new eyeliner!" He smiled happily, looking up at the group around him. After going though similar introductions as the first, they decided to go back to Pete's and relax seeing that Dan and Phil were already getting tired.

"So... what do you guys want to do?" Brendon asked the group as they sat on the couch trying to think of something entertaining to do. They had already ruled out anything that involved physical activity and 5 hour board games from the list but still hadn't reached a decision. "Uh... maybe watch a movie?" Phil said from the corner. "Perfect!" Brendon smiled, running over to the DVD collection. As he and Ryan started fighting over what to watch, Patrick and Phil had already started a conversation, leaving the two boys in silence.

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