Part 40 - There Goes My Carpet

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"Am I drunk right now? Did you really come and see me? After I asked you not to see me?" Crossing my arms over my chest I took in Jako in front of me. He was dressed head to toe in black. He was standing with a bottle of wine dangling from his right hand and a book held upright in his left hand.

A sigh left his gradient red lips and I pretended not to notice. He took a step in the apartment and I eyed him nervously. The last time he stepped into my apartment I cheated on my boyfriend.

"I just wanted to ask about a character in your book that stood out to me." With his words my eyes stray to the book in his hand. My book. One of the first books I'd published. My heart skipped a beat. I took a step towards him, raising my chin. I would not back down. Instead of stepping away, he moved closer. "Dinus is me right? You wrote me in as the man who steals Yuna's heart away from Sean and then abandons her." His face turns slightly solemn, and voice drops. "You really think that I abandoned you?"

His eyes were wide as he waited for a response I didn't want to give.

Of course I think that.

He ran away from me.

My heart felt as though it was weighing me down as it grew heavy in my chest.

" should go now. I don't know why you're bothering me now, but it's not going to work. Get out." Rushing forwards I placed my hands on his chest and began to push.

"I did you know," he said standing in the middle of the doorframe. "Abandon you." His eyes were intense as he focused on my own eyes. "It wasn't-I don't know-. Lila, I love you and-"

"Stop. Stop. Jako, you love the old me. You don't even know me anymore. So, get out." I could feel my voice starting to crack and I cleared it, dropping my hands down to my sides. In an instant he nudged me a step back and dropped the wine bottle. It shattered against my wooden floor and when the sound of a deep chuckle reached my ears I lifted my head to stare at him unbelievingly.

"Are you insane?"

"Guess I have to stay and help you clean that up." My irritation spiked as I stared at the subtle grin on his face, but his expression sobered quickly. "If I don't know you know, let's date."

Against my will, my heart started to beat faster and faster and faster. He didn't understand he effect his words had on me. I didn't understand the effect his words had on me.

"I just broke up with my boyfriend." That smirk reappeared.

"Is that the only thing you can come up with?"

"You're a player."

"Then break my heart first."

"You're insensitive."

"If you think that, I'll work on it."

"You're not sincere."

"You don't think I mean the things I say?"

I hesitated, meeting his gaze with my own cautiously.

"No, I don't." Just like that, he stepped over the class carefully and led us both a couple more steps back.

"Why?" He asked, his warm hand burning my ice cold skin. His voice shook slightly and his eyes seemed...fearful.

"Because, you're always wearing a mask. You don't ever show me yourself. You haven't really changed." He seemed to soak in my words and in a blur he was pulling me against his chest. Now, our bodies were facing, but his head went past my shoulder and our chests pressed against each other's.

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