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Pen Your Pride

When he accidentally sees you half naked: NIALL

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You are at your first interview with the One Direction band. As the boys got dressed, management didn't like your outfit that you were wearing- an outfit Niall had specifically picked out for you. They pulled you out into a separate room with Perrie, so you two could dress together. Perrie was now done, while you struggled to put on the tight elegant top. Perrie helped you squeeze into it..

"Of course Niall would go for you, [insert name here]," she laughed as she finished pulling it down, you tried to fix your breast into the tight blouse, and for some odd reason, it didn't help, and you quickly took it off.

"He got the whole package, nice personality, good heart, beautiful," she paused, looking up at you with a smirk.

"and you have the nice bum and boobs," she finished with a laugh, scanning the top, and nodding her head in satisfaction as she passed it to you.

"Ugh, my body sometimes," you said frustrated as you looked at the shirt that hardly fit... then again.. it was an extra small.

"You look gorgeous, babes." she  gave you a stern look. Taking a seat as she picked your bottom. You couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable not wearing any pants... in a room... With Perrie Edwards. But it wasn't that bad, she was very welcoming and helpful.

"Here, but these tights on, it will really help show off your bum," she complimented. You could feel yourself blush in embarrassment. You looked at the mirror, seeing the curves of your body, your green panties that Perrie encouraged you to wear... so awkward...., then you began looking up at the clock..

"Perrie, what time do we have to be ready by?" you asked curiously as she threw you some nicely decal-ed tights.

"Like 10 minutes," she laughed, a little guilty as she snapped her finger in approval.

"What?" you blurted, quickly bending down as you slid the tights onto your ankle. 

As you did so, the sound of the door whipping open caught you off guard- since the door was right behind you.

"The lad asked if you were ready- WHOA," you heard Niall blurt out. You quickly turned to him, wide eyed as you let out a yell.

His gaze was straight on your bum, his blue eyes in complete shock... or awe. He made this really awkward face as you stood straight- giving him a perfect view of your breast in the push up bra you had on..You were so surprised you didn't know what else to do but  just stand there horror-struck.

"Sorry, mi love. Should've knocked," his face reddened greatly, especially his cheeks. He quickly shut the door, and  the first thing to come afterwards was the fact that Perrie began to burst into laughter, she typed onto her phone quickly, holding in several laughs.

"Oh! My! Dear!! You should have seen the look on his face when he saw your bootylicious bum, babes!" you could see her trying to control the tears of laughter that rolled down her face.  You were so embarrassed you couldn't help but smile as you quickly pulled up the tights...

"I can't believe he just saw me half naked," you chuckled embarrassed. A good minute passed as Perrie continued to laugh as she searched for a blouse. Out of nowhere, you could hear the men in the other room burst into laughter. That made Perrie laugh even more.

"Why are they laughing so loud?" you asked curiously, you know it had something to do with the fact that NIALL FREAKING HORAN JUST SAY YOU HALF NAKED.

"I text-ed Zayn, and I guess he just came into the room," she chuckled, trying to breath only to continue laughing.

"You must've got him good. The boys must be picking on him so much right now!" she laughed as she got up, helping you put on a pretty blouse as you fixed your hair.

Minutes later, you were done, and you guys walked out of the room and into the hall... You noticed the guys all chuckling against the wall as they caught you guys' gaze, management fixing their hair a little more. You caught Niall's gaze, who held a smirk as he looked up at the ceiling, his cheeks still pink.

You walked to his side and he awkwardly pulled his hand through his brown roots nervously. He opened his mouth, looking at you half apologetically, half not. You laughed.

"It's okay," you couldn't help but smile. He smiled back at you, and wrapped his hand around your waist. You guys walked near the entrance of the studio before Niall bent near your ear.

" By the way, your bum looks amazing in green, mi love," he chuckled and you opened your mouth in disbelief. You elbowed his waist, and he laughed playfully, throwing his head back.

Oh dear, today was a day you'd never forget.

The day your boyfriend, Niall Horan, walked in on you half naked!

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