Chapter 3

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A week had passed since Lauren returned back from New York. During that week she visited her family, made occasional visits to the nursery Dinah, Normani & Ally as well as doing some work for her clothing/modelling business with Jai.

Speaking of Jai, he would be returning very soon to America. Lauren was currently in her house playing with her dog Poppy when she got a phone call.

"Hiya Lauren!"

"Hey Sofia, how are you?"

"Good, I haven't seen you in forever, and I want me and yoi to take Poppy to the park?"

"Sure, I'll get Poppy's harness and we will pick you up, its okay with you're parents?"

As Lauren ended the call, she thought about how Sofia. She is such a cute giggly child, and the fact that Lauren still kept in contact with the Cabellos made her proud. After Camila left, Sofia was devastated, she didn't speak, she didn't go out. One day when Lauren was getting groceries she saw Sinu and they spoke about how they were all doing. Lauren hated the fact that Sofia had lost her sister, so she decided to become a sister figure in the younger child's life.

Driving to the Cabello's house always felt awkward for Lauren, she always expected Camila to be waiting at the door when Lauren got out the car, she always expected Camila to run up to her and koala cuddle her whilst peppering kisses on her face as Lauren walked into the driveway.

"Lolo! You're here! So is Poppy" Sofia exclaimed as she opened the door and saw Lauren.

"Hey Sofia, where's your parents?"

"Here we are" Sinu sung as she walked to the door with Alejandro.

"Hello Alejandro, Sinuhe" Lauren spoke. She felt weird keeping in contact with Camilas family after her disappearance, but she maintained the relationship for Sofia, it wouldn't be fair losing two people in her life.

"Lauren darling, come in, how have you been?" Alejandro asked.

Lauren entered the house, feeling uneasy, something that she grew to always feel when she saw Camilas parents. "I'm okay thank you, yourselves?"

"We're okay. Sofia, why don't you go upstairs while we talk to Lauren, then you can go out with her afterwards?" Sinu spoke.

Sofia agreed, and it grew quiet in the room. "So, we have some news about Camila going missing and everything" Alejandro spoke.

Lauren felt sick, how was she meant to react to that. "What news?"

"The services believe that seeing as Karla left on her own terms, without any reason, they aren't going to help us look for her, one person even told us that maybe she wanted a new life and that's why she left us" Sinu cried.

"Oh, so basically we just have to move on, that's what the fucking expect?" Lauren fumed, "I lost my girlfriend, you lost your daughter, Sofia has lost her sister for crying out lod, and they expect us to move on?"

"Technically you have moved on, you were dating that Lucy girl for a while if I do remember Sofia saying" Alejandro spoke which earned Sinu to glare at him as she slapped his shoulder. "Sorry, its been a long couple of months, sorry".

"Ale, I understand your pain, but I loved Camila, I wanted to live with her forever, there comes a time when you understand that you cannot wait every day for love, I went out looking for love after realising that, why should I have put my life on hold for her to come back? If she ever does come back. I  thought that what Lucy and I had was something powerful and real, it turns out we are better as friends, I learned that. I adore your daughter very much, but as I said, I cannot wait"

"B-b-but, y-yyou and" Alejandro started but was interrupted by Sinu.

"We understand Lauren, we may have difficulty accepting this, but you are right, you cannot put your life on hold waiting for something that may never happen.  Lauren, we are proud of your success, to us... you will always be family. Thank you for making both of my daughters happy" Sinu cried as she and Lauren shared a hug.

"In all honesty, Sofia is the only reason I'm here, I hate how she lost her sister, so I thought maybe I could be her sister figure?"

"You truly are a wonderful person, and an excellent figure in Sofia's life. I know that it hurts her when she heard you were dating another girl, but that's only because she thought you'd be a family of our forever"

"For Sofia, I'll always be apart of the family"

"Lauren, thank you for being here for Sofia, but maybe it would be best if you didnt see her as much?" Alejandro suggested.

"Alejandro! She see's Sofia once every two weeks, they talk on the phone at least three time a week, you cannot be serious right now?"

"I just think all of this is hard for Sofia"

"With all due respect, I will not see less of Sofia. We all knew that she needed someone in her life, seeing as she lost her sister, I decided to take on that role, Alejandro. Now with the most respect, Sofia and I have a day planned out" Lauren spoke as she walked upstairs to Sofia's room. As she passed Camila's bedrooms she felt sick, she never would get used to that feeling. Lauren slowly opened the door of Sofia's room and saw the youngest Cabello sitting on her bed with Ifos, a teddy that Sofia herself had given Camila.

"I miss her you know"

"I miss her too Sofia, but I know she loves you more than anything or anyone in the world, so please be happy nugget"

"Do you love me too? Like Kaki did?"

"Your sister still loves you, and yes, I do love you just as much as she does"

"Can we go now? I want to play with you and Poppy"

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