Round and round... it seems like that's all there is to our relationship. 

   I looked down at the table below me. The setting was a nice quiet cafe where the occasional overworked person came in, ordered a nice cup of coffee, and just forgot their troubles. The scent of fresh ground coffee beans and jasmine was calming while up on a little stage a little way away from the tables a band would play soft music while the artist sang.  It was all so perfect and it was all so boring.

Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!

  I looked to see that my phone was ringing. Picking it up I didn't even bother to look at who it was that was calling. I probably should have though.

"You know, you're one tough cookie to find."

"Heh, you would know." 

"Just make this easy."

"You know I won't."

"I will take you back one way or another."

"You need to catch me first."

"Why can't you do the r-!"

   I snapped my phone shut before he could finish his latest berating sentence. Stirring my coffee almost lazily I rested my head on my left hand. I had to commend his persistence for sticking with trying to catch me. The door opened and a coy smile came to my face.

   "You should hide yourself better." Damon said. I smiled at the brunette. All of these years and he was still as dumb as a blonde. I took a minute to take in his looks. His dark hair was a chestnut color and his eyes were a stormy gray. They might've been stormy because he was mad at me but I digress. He was tall and the table was ill equipped for his long legs so they were cramped up. He seemed to have gained some muscle since I last saw the detective but he still had a lean build. 

   "Did you ever consider that I wanted you to find me?" I inquired. Damon glared at me, "The thought crossed my mind once or twice." He replied. I smirked at him and twisted a single lock of mouse brown hair across a perfectly manicured nail.


   Damon swallowed, he knew that smirk. That was the signal that she was up to something. When she was back in the castle with his master, Aerroll, she would have that look on her face when the stew 'mysteriously' burned or ink was missing. That was one of the many things he couldn't stand about Princess Lily.

   Princess Lily was by no means a lady. She was loud, crass, infuriating, stubborn, and all together out right bitchy at times. However despite all of her faults she had some redeeming qualities as well. However Damon would think of them later.

   "What are you planning?" Damon hissed as his gray eyes searched her golden, the true mark of the royals, eyes. He narrowed his own eyes slightly to try and discourage said 'princess' but sadly it didn't work.

   Lily got to her feet and instinctively Damon grabbed her wrist. "Ah! I told you already Damon, we're through. Ouch! That hurts! Please, please someone help!" She cried as tears fell down her face. Damon's eyes widened as he felt a shadow over him, "Sir, we're going to have to ask you to release this poor girl." 

   Damon looked back and saw the cops. His face went blank, 'Damn it... I thought that I got rid of the cops in New Jersey...' He thought. However in an instant he put a smile on his face and released Lily.

   In an instant she zoomed out of the store and down the street and then out of sight. Damon sighed as the cops put a hand on his shoulder. "Wait!" The waitress called. Damon looked at her pleadingly but she just popped her gum in his face. "What ma'am?" The cop on the left asked.

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