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1. I was born on June 29, 2001

2. BTS is my favorite band.

3. All my stories are from my imagination or was inspired by shows I watch or books I read.

4. I am really shy no joke. I can't stand in front of people without feeling nervous. I also don't talk a lot until I get to know them.

5. When I meet a guy for the first time I get nervous and can feel my face get heated. But with girls there is nothing. Then if there is anyone I find annoying even though I don't know them but if I talk to them for the first time they are what I expected.

6. I love anime.

7. I draw a lot when I feel like it.

8. I am in marching band and concert band.

9. I am in 10th grade will graduate high school in 2019.

10. I am really good at math but social studies or science are my worse subject.

11. I am under 5" yes I'm small and I weight between 90 and 95 pounds.

12. I am Vietnamese but my grandparents were originally Chinese so I guess I'm part Chinese. I don't know.

13. I keep my thoughts to myself about people I don't like or just plain annoying.

14. I have never actually had a crush on a boy before. I always say one of my guy friends name since my other friends can't get the answer I don't have a crush in their head.

15. I live in Georgia.

16. I like any food. I'm not picky and I'll eat anything anyone gives except school food.

17. If a guy ever had a crush on me. I would give him a chance (depends) and if he cheats on me I would beat him up. Because if you start to like someone else it's better to break it off instead of doing it behind my back.

18. No one has ever confess to me before. Except when they play the Oreo game which is the loser ask out anyone the winner says at Rock Paper Scissors shoot. But I knew they were playing so I always say no even now because I know they aren't serious.

19. I have two younger siblings. A younger sister (3 year difference), a younger brother (5 year difference)

20. I want to be an engineer when I grow up since my writing isn't that good and I would probably be nagged a lot my mom and my aunts for writing stuff like these.

21. I don't like Justin Bieber or One Direction or 5sos. Sorry for those who do but I just don't.

22. I have never watch Twilight or read it. It looks emo. Two I read the summary online it isn't really something I'm interested in and also I think vampire glowing or whatever it is in the sunlight is stupid but also weird and doesn't make sense.

23. I am not a bully nor was I bullied physically. My friends do joke here and there but I know they don't mean it.

24. None of my friends know I write fanfics or write at all because they'll make fun of me and they don't really listen to Kpop. They do know I listen to Kpop.

25. I always keep my hair in a ponytail. I only put it down for special occasion or if I'm at home.

26. I am blunt or straightforward and when I say that the guys at my school aren't good. I mean it almost all of them are all f boys.

27. I love to read mystery and books that don't have weak main characters.

28. A friend told me that a guy really liked me but I don't believe him. But the one who supposedly liked me moved so eh.

29. I mostly listen to boy group bands. I don't listen to a lot of girl groups.

30. I can't really eat spicy.

31. My biases- BTS: Suga; SEVENTEEN: Dino/S.Coups; GOT7: Junior; NCT: Ten; ASTRO: Rocky

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