Pick A Date

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Now that Christmas was out of the way all our attention was wedding planning, I was so glad to have Giselle and my friends to help me as much as they could but picking a date was what we really need to to decide on now. I knew I wanted a wedding between June and August but I couldn't pick a day... I just didn't want it to be to hot and if I didn't pick a venue soon I could possibly be shit out of luck; luckily I was finally narrowing down on that aspect.

"Babe... we seriously need to pick a date. Maybe June 12? But I seriously don't know.. But we need to pick a date so we can tell the venue." I finished putting my hair in a giant bun as he sipped on a beer.

"How about May 4?" He laughed but I couldn't find anything funny.

I walked in front of the TV blocking the view, I would not move until we had a date set in stone. "Why May? We have never talked about May?" I crossed my arms looking into his eye right now they looked to be on the gray side which happened when he was being playful. His thick hair hair had grown out immensely and he was refusing to cut it.

"So people will say 'may the fourth be with you' " He busted up laughing spilling some of his beer on his hand, I couldn't help the small laugh that slipped my lips but I put my serious face right back on.

I scrunched up my face "So you think you're funny huh?"

His laugh started to die down but I from the tear he wiped away I knew he thought it was the greatest joke of all time. "A little bit."

"Baaaaeeee seriously! Please... this is serious." I whined it had been less than 3 months since he proposed and I already felt like yanking all my hair out, and he usual nonchalantness didn't calm me like it usually did.

He blinked his laugh completely disappearing when he realized how serious I was being. He patted the seat next to me and I made my way over hearing the TV turn off.

"There is just so much to do and so little time... like I could make the wedding later in the year but I really want a summer wedding, and I could move it to next summer but that's way too far. I just want everything to be perfect and I just feel like I'm running out of time... like we don't even have a date selected and we still need to take engagement photos and send out save the dates and pick out wedding invites and think of who we want to invite, just so fucking much." I went off on a tangent but I couldn't help myself I wanted everything to be perfect.

He pulled me into his lap "Breathe baby... everything will be okay. Trust me like it or not people know who you are, and they now know we are married; you've seen the papers." I huffed thinking about all the tabloids stating we were getting married in some shotgun wedding since I was having a bastard child. "Whether you want it or not the world is your oyster, if you want it people will give it to you. If you wanted to rent out the most expensive building right now today just because, it's the power that comes with being a Basile. I am telling you use it."

"I just feel so bad..." I groaned I hated feeling like I had some weird power over people.

"I know but do you want your perfect wedding? Now lets pick a date." He raised his eyebrow like he made some kind of point.

"Whatever sucka... Okay, so what day works for you? Any Saturday in June works actually except for the last one because it's too close to the fourth of July and if we pick July it of course can't be on the fourth. August works... but like do we really want to married in August? I'm not so sure?" I grabbed my phone out of my sports bra looking at possible dates.

He snatched my phone from my hand "How about June 20?" I snatched it back looking at the date.

"Yeah... that could definitely work. ACTUALLY I like that a lot! Yes June 20th it is, you are a genius baby!" I turned around pecking him on the lips before getting up.

He followed suit pulling my body to his "How about you show me how much a genius I am." He whispered into my ear causing me to shiver, I quickly pulled away turning to face.

"I would really love to do that BUT I have to facetime your mom and let her know, and I have to let my grandma know and my friends and now I got to look at venues!" I smiled pecking him once more before rushing off to grab my ipad and wedding planning book, in t minus 5 months I would be getting married and I had to get to work.


A/N:  It's short but here is the first chapter of the sequel. As you can see it only takes place two months from where we left off.  Thank you for reading As So It Goes and I hope you enjoy the sequel just as much.

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