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Jet Lag


Jazzlin’s POV

“Jazzlin..” My foster mother trailed off, looking uncomfortable

I sighed before answering, “I told you to call me Jazz” I corrected, Tina, for the thousandth time. 

“Well, how about we take a seat?” Tina asked, I followed behind her as she led us toward the living room. I almost gagged when I saw how short her skirt was. Don’t get me wrong… I like Tina and Jeff--Foster Dad-- Just, Tina is a self-confessed slut.  While Jeff is the faithful, kind, caring, and sweet husband that every girl dreams of.

“Well? What is it?” I asked after awhile of watching her squirm uncomfortable in her seat on the couch.

“Uh.. Well,” She awkwardly cleared her throat, “I think since me and Jeff are getting a divorce-” I cut her off mid-sentence 

“Divorce? What, he find out about your boy toys?” I smirked as she glared at me in return

“Anyways.. I-We think its best if we send you to get a new set of foster parents” She continued on, ignoring my last comment.

“Okay” I sighed standing up. This would be my 12th one since I was 6. 

“Okay?” She stood up also, looking confused at my calmness.

“Yes, so.. Plane ticket back to Michigan?” I held out my hand, waiting for the damn plane ticket. She reached in to her --Probably stuffed-- Bra, and pulled out my information.

“Well, I will start packing… When do we leave?” I started walking up the carpeted stairs; Two at a time.

“Two hours!” She shouts back. Of course she doesn’t offer to help me with packing.. I blew out my cheeks before opening my bedroom door.


After packing my bag-- Yes, Bag-- We headed off to the airport where, Tina didn’t bother to hang around.

I took a quick look my wrist, displaying my watch. I sighed, 1 hour before my plane gets here. What do I do till then?

I pushed past the large crowd, since its Christmas Eve I  guess a lot of people are traveling tonight, Just like me. Even though I am sure there reasons are different then mine.

I walked along the airport dragging my bag behind me on the way. 

After around 30 minuets of sitting on a un- comfortable bench, most people have cleared out by now. Just as I was about to get up to find something to eat, there was a annoying sound over the speakers

“All Passengers planning on going to Michigan, I am sorry to report that there will be no planes traveling in or out, due to the large amounts of snow. We are handing out blankets for any who need them. Water and food will be provided, we are sorry for the inconvenience.” I groaned out loud. 

“God, why me?!” I shout at the ceiling earning myself a few odd looks.

“Oh, like none of you are thinking that!?” I snap at all the people staring at me oddly. A low rumbling chuckle sounded form behind me, Immediately sending shivers through out my body.  

I turned around to find the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen.

The moment I looked into his light grey eyes; The world seemed to have stopped all around us. 

It was only him and I


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