Chapter 11 : Hunter

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CHARLOTTE SAT on the booth's chair, her impatience to see her brother and her best friend making her wiggle around. She had a bone to pick with them. 

They allowed her marriage with Charlie and the couple weren't nearly as drunk as the newlyweds were. She was currently at Hogsmeade, in the Three Broomsticks. She hadn't been here since the confrontation with her mother at the end of her seventh year but the whole place brought back some interesting memories. Her ears picked up the sound of two voices from the door and she whirled around to see if it was her brother.

"Jayden! Leah!" She waved to the couple and they gave her smiles as they walked to her.

Charlotte stood up to greet her family, a big smile on her face. It felt like forever the last time she had seen them, even though she saw them only two or so days ago. She was upset with them but she still loved them.

"Charlotte, you look horrible." Leah stated bluntly, hugging her.

Jayden nodded in agreement.

"You do; I would've thought after the weekend you would be glowing." He added with a smirk, the two sitting down opposite her.

Charlotte's face went deadly serious as she remained silent, and gestured for the waitress. She leaned back and folded her arms as she stared at the couple. The waitress came over and the two ordered their drink, eyeing the venomous look on Charlotte's face. She left, thankfully unaware of the tension rising.

"And why would I be glowing?" She bit out through clenched teeth.

"Because you finally got to take the step forward with Charlie. It's what you've wanted for a long time." Leah said, shrugging as she played with her hands nervously.

Jayden grimaced in disgust and shook his head. No brother wanted to hear of their sister's libido.

"That would've been brilliant," Charlotte spat, taking a sip of her butterbeer and then continuing on, "If we only shagged. Do you see something different?"

She held up her left hand and wiggled her fingers. Leah blushed, her caramel skin darkening up. Jayden frowned, his oblivious attitude irritating his twin more.

"Jayden, look on my hand. Specifically, on my ring finger."

He frowned at her monotone voice and then looked, his face going pale once he realised what was on there.

"What is that?" Jayden asked, shock in his voice.

He was pointing at it if it was a poisonous spider in front of him. Leah tugged on him, shame on her face but he ignored his long-time girlfriend. He gestured for her to leave him alone and she frowned.

"Jayden." She started saying but he interrupted her before she could continue.

"How are you married, without telling us or asking permission? On the same weekend as Jackson?" His voice was full of anger.

"I don't know, mate. Why don't we ask Leah?" She answered, rolling her eyes at him.

The defensive edge in Leah's voice immediately made Jayden calm down.

"If I remember correctly, you, Charlotte begged me to get the ordained minister so I don't want to hear it. And you, Jayden, you're the one who encouraged it by daring your sister to do it. I knew I was going to regret it." At the end of Leah's tirade, she crossed her arms with a frown.

The twins looked at her in shock, starting to feel sheepish. Before either could apologize, Leah stood up and ran to the bathroom. Charlotte stood up to follow but Jayden's hand stopped her from going after her best friend.

"Don't bother, Hippogriff."

Charlotte frowned at the bathroom door, worry filling her stomach.

"She's been throwing up for days now. I've been trying to get her to go to the healers but she refuses to take a day off from the greenhouses." Jayden shrugged, a small smile playing across at his girlfriends stubbornness.

Hearing this Charlotte wanted to hit her brother for being so incredibly stupid. She had an inkling as to why her best friend was throwing up but she couldn't believe how dense her brother was being. It was blatant as to what was going on but he just didn't see or understand. She stared at him trying to see if he was being serious and he frowned at her face.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" He rubbed his face and this made Charlotte roll her eyes.


With that, she walked towards the bathroom. As she hurried over, her eye caught someone familiar outside.

"Hunter?" Charlotte muttered to herself and found herself aiming for the outside instead.

Leah could wait, her news will take 9 months to be celebrated. 

She pushed through, the warm summer breeze bringing back memories of her year in Hogwarts. The street was busy with vendors and customers, creating a busy and pleasant atmosphere. She lost him in her eyesight behind a group of people, so she sped walked past the group, her eyes searching for him. 

She came to a standstill as she realised she lost him.

Breathing hard, she spun around looking for her best friend. Charlotte heaved a sigh when she realised he was gone and shook her head in disappointment. She hadn't seen him for a few years now. She started walking back to the Three Broomsticks, her thoughts on her excuse for leaving the couple high and dry.


His voice made her spin around in alarm and her hand raised in self-defence, her wandless magic on the tip of her tongue.

"Merlin! Hunter, don't sneak up on me like that!" She huffed out, her arm dropping.

"Come here stranger." Hunter grinned, his long hair swinging in the pony.

They embraced, happy to see each other after so long. After a few minutes, Hunter pulled away with a serious expression on his face.

"It's actually good that I saw you here. I have some news I'm afraid you won't like."

She nodded, concern now showing on her face.

"He's out and my sources have told me he's on a warpath for you. Charlotte you need to leave the UK, today." Hunter begged, his eyes earnest.

"I'm leaving tonight, with my husband."

"Good, Charlie will look after you. Merlin, I need to go. Say hello to Leah for me." He smiled, kissed her on the cheek and apparted away in front of her.

Charlotte shook her head, amused at her friend's reactions but relieved knowing Charlie was going to keep her safe. As she joined her brother and his girlfriend, who both apologised for the wedding, Charlotte's thoughts jumped on Hunter's words suddenly.

How does he know she was married to Charlie when she hadn't told anyone about it except face to face, like now? It puzzled her greatly and she found herself distracted the rest of the day. 

When she went home to the Burrow to start her new life, with Charlie, her mind finally moved on from the mystery.

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