Chapter 1; Jamila

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"HARREH!" I screamed as loud as I could, making my bodyguard cover his ears, groaning.

I had spotted Harry, casually walking through the doors as his bodyguards tried to shield him from the fans and paparazzi. I ran towards him as he smiled at me and opened his arms for me to jump in.

"It's been years," I sighed as he had me wrapped in his arms. "It's only been a month, grow up Miles," Harry laughed as he let me down.

"Stop calling me Miles, I'm a girl," I whined and hit his chest as our bodyguards pushed us forward so the paparazzi couldn't get more pictures of us.

We walked towards the exit of the airport as the screaming got louder and more camera flashes went off. I still wasn't use to all this paparazzi shit. Harry told me bizarre stories about them and I was glad that my manager had hired the best bodyguards I could ask for.

I was kinda scared of all those men, trying everything to get a picture of me. It was creepy and not every 16 year old's dream. You may have a lot of questions about who I am but let me get safely into the car first.

We made our way through all those people who only came to get pictures of me & Harry until we stood in front of the van who would drive us away from this crazy crowd outside LAX.

The doors slammed shut and the driver speed off. "How was your flight?" I asked Harry as we put our seat belts on because safety first.

"Horrible, there was this old lady sitting next to me and she was snoring for hours! I couldn't get at least a minute of sleep," Harry groaned and ran his hand through his short hair.

"How was yours?" he asked me since the only reason why I was waiting at the airport for him was that I had landed just twenty minutes earlier. "It was okay, nothing unusual, I guess."

We had a little small talk about our trips until we had arrived at our record label. We both had meetings right after we arrived and we would mostly talk about our trips, individually.

Harry was in England for Christmas, New Years and his birthday while I was in Austin, Texas with my mom. Harry was promoting his movie and all that stuff while I was promoting my first ever album whilst being home for Christmas and New Years, as well. Ah yes, there you have it...I'm a singer.

My song 'No Fear' went on number one literally everywhere and I was promoting my new music non stop since I wouldn't want to be a one hit wonder. It all happened so fast and I met Harry at our record label about half a year ago.

I've always been a fan of his and we had talked for hours and hours that day we met. He was a really nice guy and even though he was six years older we were like best friends already.

"Jamila you're up first," an assistant of my manager and crew said. I nodded and walked into the conference room where a bunch of people, who's names I honestly didn't know, were sitting with a lot of papers spread everywhere.

"You did great in all your interviews but you have to work on short answers. You talk a little too much honey," I guess Derek told me. He was right, though I talk a lot.

The doors opened and in came my manager Andre. I burst out laughing at the sight of him. He was breathing heavily and his buttons where wrong buttoned. "Oh Andre," I mumbled, shaking my head at the 31 year old man.

You would think you could take him seriously and that he was mature because of his age but let's be honest here, he was a mess. In a good way, though.

"I'm sorry for being late," he apologized as he took the seat beside me. He took a taxi home to his girlfriend right after we landed because he missed her the past weeks he visited me in the new year. I was okay with him leaving because I had one of my bodyguards with me and I was waiting for Harry anyways.

"Mr. Alexander your behavior is inappropriate!" his boss Mark, which also meant my boss, folded his hands together and let out a sigh. I tried to hold back my laughter as Andre's face went all red and squishy.

Well, because of the red it seemed kinda squishy to me..?

I burst out laughing again as I thought about how stupid I was. Andre kinda couldn't keep it together either for an unknown reason and joined my ridiculous laughter.

"Alright enough!"

Someone slammed their documents on the table, making us stop laughing. I knew they all loved me and Andre but I believe they didn't have the time to joke around now.

"So this week Jamila will attend an auction for charity where people bid for example a meet & greet with you and you'll be performing a song. The betting depends on what you're comfortable with because we thought that it would depend on the bidder," Mark explained to me as he handed me a few documents.

"We thought that for example if it's a girl around your age you can go shopping for whatever or if it's a boy you're okay with you can have like a date you know? like dinner. If it's someone else then just a meet & greet at one of your upcoming shows or something it all depends on what you want."

I nodded my head as I looked through the documents where all the information were on about the event. "We'll have Lena & Ellie coming to look for a dress with you and you have a plus one for the event. Andre, you'll be accompanying her anyways so pick whoever you want to come with you," Mark said and finished our meeting after I had signed to attend the event and told him what I would give for the auction.

Mark dismissed us but before I could stand up and leave, I had knocked over my glass of water. The water spilled all over and Mark was furious as the water spilled on his suit bottoms.

He opened his mouth to yell at me but before he could do that I had knocked over the rack with the whiteboard. Andre started laughing as he opened the door and pushed me out so I wouldn't get yelled at.

Andre closed the door as-


Harry looked at me with wide eyes as I just smiled sheepishly at him. "Good luck bro," I said before petting his head, kissing his forehead and leaving with Andre.


First short chapter! I hope you liked it because I literally rewrote this chapter about twenty times and it started differently every single time (like completely different)

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