Chapter 16- airplane

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Joe's POV
I was sat at the back of the plane, with Lexi on my knee, jack on my right and Emily on his right.
Ellie had been sat further down the plane with Mason on her knee, in the middle of Freddie and Olivia.

"Joseph, will you film a video with me?" Jack asked, I looked at him.
"When we get tot the hotel?" I asked confused.
"No. Now, I need one for tomorrow." He pleaded
"O..Kay. What do you want to do?" I asked
"What about seeing who can entertain the most  ?" Jack replied

Jack's POV
"Hi everyone and welcome back to my Chanel. I'm joined with Mr Joseph Sugg and little Lexi-mai"
"Hey" Joe said then waved with Lexi's hand.
"Today we are gonna be doing a new challenge we've made up. We're gonna just cause havoc on the plane." I spoke into the camera. "Emily, our lovely assistant, is gonna give us a category . "
"Lets goo." Joe said.
"Rps, see who goes first?" I asked
"3..2..1. Show." Joe said.
Joe went for paper, I went rock.
"I'm going first then." I told him.

Joe's POV

"Ya.." I replied
"Round 1 is... pranks. Ask people if they've seen your daughter as she's gone missing." Emily told us.

Jack's POV
I walked down the isle a bit, to a older looking male and female. They both had grey tints in their brown hair.
"Excuse me, Sir, madam. Sorry to bother you, I'm Jack. I seem to have misplaced my Daughter. I was just wondering whether you'd seen her." I asked.
"What does she look like." The woman responded
"Well she's about this big." I gestured with my arms. "She has the biggest blue eyes, the cutest smile and the softest brown hair. She's a little princess." I replied.
"Have you seen her. She was sat on my knee, I turned to my girlfriend and then she was gone." I replied, trying not to laugh.
"Oh, well then. You'd better find her." As soon as the petite lady said that Joe came wandering down the isle.
"Hey honey, I've found her. You'd sat on her, Shes is safe now." Joe pulled one of Olivia's doll out of his back pocket. I took her in my arms.
"Don't you ever do that again, Pat. You scared me." I said into the doll
"Jenifer, come on we need to sort out this young girl. She's been very naughty." We walked back up the plane to our seats. I couldn't hold back the laughter anymore.
I picked Lexi out of Emily's arms and carried her down the plane back to the old couple.
"Im Jack, I make YouTube videos for fun. This was a prank for my new video tomorrow, I'm so sorry." The old couple saw the funny side of it.
"Well thank you Jack, for that entertainment. And you little lady, have got the best daddy." She cooed into Lexi.
"Aw, she's not mine. She's my Niece." I replied.
"Oh, excuse me then. Her uncle is very talented and funny." She replied.
"Thank you, bye." I said walking back to my seat.

Joe's POV
"Im not gonna be able to top that, let's say you've won and move to round 2" I said to Jack.
"Can we step that up a notch and try convince people you're inflight entertainment ." Emily said.
"Okay, let's go." I said.
We walked down the isle of the plane and up to the intercom.
"Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Joe sugg and I would like to welcome you on board your flight. I am here to give you your inflight entertainment. This is my lovely Assistant, Jack Maynard. We are gonna have a sing and dance." A few people cheered, I passed the mic to Jack.
"Everyone up on your feet." He spoke." Any requests?"
"Let it go," someone shouted.
"Right okay guys, we're gonna do these dance moves." He pointed to me. I began to swish my arms around and twist and turn.
"Everyone got it." Jack asked
"Yeah," synchronised voices came back.
"Joe is gonna solo then you're all gonna joint in after 3 okay. Take it away Joe."
He passed the mic over to me.
"The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
Not a footprint to be seen.
A kingdom of isolation,
and it looks like I'm the Queen. 1..2..3."
Everyone began to join in, we added in our little actions and danced around.

Jack's POV
"Thank you, this is it for your inflight entertainment. We've been Joe and Jack. Have a safe flight." I said before we walked back to our seats laughing.

"Right guys, I've hoped you've enjoyed the video. If you did give it a big old thumbs up and subscribe if your new. Bye" I said and waved to the camera.

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