Chapter 3

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'So..I heard there's a nightwalker in the area..'


'What would a nightwalker be doing-'

'Do you think I know why its here?'

'Dont fucking interrupt me Cora.'

'Watch your language jack ass.'

'Says yo-'

'Both of you shut. up.'

'Sorry sir.' Cora said submissevly to the cold blooded Andrew for their loudness.

'Yeah. Sorry.' Repeated Landon in dismay.

Andrew glared at the two twins with hostility. Smart hunters arent always smart people, he thought aggresively. But Landon's question was very valid. Why was there a nightwalker so far north?

He grunted and squatted down next to his two partners, taking out his lighter and setting the firewood they had collected ablaze. In these parts, the woodlands, fire was used for many reasons. He didnt need one of his partners to be eaten by something out there in the dark, driven wild from hunger. Lucky for him, nightwalkers usually werent a problem, up till now. If there was one, there could be more.

'Where exactly was this report filed?' Questioned Andrew.

'The Icelands' sir. I dont expect there to be any-'

'There could be though Cora,' Interrupted Landon.

Andrew shook his head. It was too bad for him the twins couldnt have been seperated into different stations. He had to admit though, they were great trackers. He needed good trackers with him to complete such difficult tasks.

Cora glared at Landon and narrowed her eyes then turned to warm her hands over the fire.

'The report is from very deep in the Icelands. I dont think we have ever expierenced a nightwalker report from the area it was filed in. Besides, its the light season, the sun is always out there right now. If it were an actual report to be taken seriously of, the beast probably already died from over exposure already...And there werent any attacks reported with it. Just a sighting.'

'It sounds like a big waste of time.' Said Landon, chucking his cigarette into the red flames.

'I hope you know your killing your lungs.'

'It feels good to kill my lungs then,' He retorted with a nasty smile.

'Who reported it anyway? A villager? It was probably some crazy nomad trying to cause trouble.' Landon said, changing the subject.

'No, Zen reported it.' Whispered Cora. 

'You just said it shouldnt be taken seriously of!'

'Even Zen could make a mistake!' Yelled Cora.

'Zen doesnt make mistakes.' Andrew said smoothly. He ran his hands through his hair then leaned back. 'She's a special case. If she says there is a nightwalker, then there is one.

'I totally agree.' Answered Landon.

'You thought ten seconds ago it was a crazy nomad,' Cora smirked.

'That was before you told me it was Zen who reported it, idiot.'

'Knock it off.' Andrew said dully.

The twins both muttered a yes sir in return.

Andrew silenty laughed to himself then turned his back to the fire and lay down, using his pack as a pillow. 'Landon you have the first watch tonight.' He heard Landon say yes sir with a curse after it but paid no attention to the crude language. Landon was Landon.