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The light breeze causes me to shiver, then I'm suddenly being shifted, the feeling is frightening

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The light breeze causes me to shiver, then I'm suddenly being shifted, the feeling is frightening. I grab onto the closest thing next to me, it's fluffy and soft like a blanket. That's a bit confusing.

"Wake up!" I hear the words, but don't see anyone as I try to remain upright when I'm suddenly thrown into the air.

My eyes snap open, finding the familiar surroundings of my bedroom. The grasp I have on my comforter, you'd think I was hanging on for dear life, and I guess in my dream state I was. My body is airborne again causing me to yell out in surprise.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Vance and Vaughn chant while jumping around my bed, causing my body to bounce, but it isn't until they both bounce at the same time that my body goes completely airborne again.

"Oh my gawd, you guys!! You're going to send us through the floor!"



Vance jumps off while Vaughn continues to jump.

"You're going to make me throw up." Those words cause Vaughn to stop immediately, then step down off my bed.

"Let's go, you sleeping troll!" Vance says.

"It's sleeping beauty." I correct him and sit up. I can feel my hair sticking out all over.

"Not you." He laughs.

I glare at Vance.

"Definitely not you." Vaughn says, and I turn my glare towards him. He's sitting in my desk chair spinning around in circles. I grab a small pillow next to me, throwing it across the room. It nails him right in the head, catching him by surprise, he falters a bit.

"That wasn't very nice!" He throws it back at me, but I duck and it sails over me landing on the floor.

"Since when am I nice?"

"You used to be. What happened to you!?" Vaughn questions.

"PMS." I smile wide.

"Gah! I don't want to hear this shit." Vance covers his ears, "Let's go, get out of bed you lard!"

"Gesz, YOU'RE being mean now!" I look over at the clock on my night stand. It's 7:30am. "OMG! I thought we weren't leaving until 9."

"Change of plans, we're going out for breakfast."

I make an unpleasant noise. "You're an asshole." I mumble.

"Yeah, yeah. Nothing I haven't been called before. Hurry up." Vance turns and leaves my room, Vaughn does the same.

"Close my door!" I yell but it's no use, because they're already running down the stairs. I get up and slam the door. "Gesz, bunch of animals."

After getting dressed, I went downstairs to the whole family waiting for me in the living room, including my mom and dad.

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