Josh didn’t need any more convincing. He loved her. He knew he did. He loved the way she laughed at his stupid ‘knock knock’ jokes. The way her face crumpled up when she was concentrating. How her perfect date was lying in bed with pizza and a stack of Disney classics. She loved books not boys, except him. Her eyes, smile, hair, personality. Everything about her was perfect to him. She was so strong and supportive and he just let her slip through his fingers like she meant absolutely nothing to him. Josh started to remember all the memories they shared, conversations held, kisses shared and perfect dates. He was snapped out of his thoughts when the familiar tone of his phone started to ring.

“Hello?” He asked, not bothering to look at the ID. He missed the days where his eyes lite up when he saw 'Annie' written across the screen so he stopped looking now. It was probably Millie.

“Baby! I’m on my way, just thought I’d call, let you know I’m safe” Millie giggled. Yep, he was right. He sighed and rolled his eyes, hanging up on her. Her voice was as squicky as ever and annoying. 


“Come on, Sweetheart. It’ll be fun” Annie’s mother persisted. She wore a short red dress and matching heels. Her hair was long and curled and her eye make-up was smokey. Her lipstick was deep red too, like the roses in the garden or the can of coke on the desk. Annie shock her head once more, burying her face back into her latest book. Her mother sighed and rolled her eyes, leaving some cash on the desk for food. “You know where I am if you need me or change your mind” She adds before leaving the house and making her way to the club. 'Yes mum i would love to come to a run down club full of sweaty bodies and short dresses so i can drink my liver away and get off with some stranger while my mum grinds on the sweaty old dude in the corner' She though sarcastically to herself.  Her soft fingers flicked through the book, a page at a time of John Green’s novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. A few chapters later, she finally put the book down and made her way down stairs. She was envious of the characters love, even if it was hard to admit, it was true. Choosing a movie from the stack of films, a disney classic of course, she ordered a pizza for one and got comfy on the sofa. Her eyes started to drift in and out when the bang on the door got louder and louder. Grabbing the money she opened the door, frustrated at the loud thumps. "I'm coming, im coming, keep your panties on" She rolled her eyes, fiddling with the keys and unlocking the white front door.


“J-josh…” Her eyes got wider by the second and her breath hitched in her thought. It was almost like she had lost her sweet voice at the sight of his figure. Why was he here? What was he doing? Had he not caused her enough grief these past months? She didn't know if she should slap him or kiss him. So she did nothing. Just stare at him in complete and utter shock. Her mouth was probably wide open but she didn't care. 

“Annie” His eyes however went brighter. They took in every inch of her petite frame and messy hair and baggy pajamas. Her shocked facial expression and bare feet. She had all the features to be a tramp right now but still her thought she looked beautiful. With the sound of a car pulling up the opposite side of the road, he let himself into her house and locked the door.

“What the hell are you doing?” Annie asked, following him inside her house. 

“I’m hiding” He explains, shutting the curtains and locking the windows “From Millie.” Annie, at this point, couldn’t control her laugh from her angry. He just continued to lock windows and doors when he noticed the TV playing Peter Pan. This was his favourite. And one of hers. They would speak about running away to a magical place together where they didnt have any cares in the world, just like when they were children. 

“Are you serious? You think you can just come in here and sneak away from your new girlfriend? No it’s not okay. Get the hell out. I never want to see you again. I hate you.”

He turned to face her immediately. “You hate me?” He whispered, barely audible. Her deep blue eyes started to fill with salty tears, falling down her cheeks like two water falls.

“I hate what you did to me” She muttered through her cries. She didn’t protest when he wrapped his strong arms around her, letting her tears fall on his shoulder. The shoulder of his white shirt was covered in black mascara and salty tear stains. His hands went up and down her back softly and slowly, reasuring her that he was there for her. Comforting her was the only thing that seemed appropriate to do at the moment.


 The tears and fighting stopped around thirty minutes later. It was followed by silence and pizza, the only sound coming from the movie projected on the screen. His arms were still around her protectively as he explained what he did and the reasons why. He told her how much he loved her and all her little quirks. How he hasn’t been the same since they broke up. Every line in the book, Josh basically used and Annie knew, but she knew he meant them too. She just didn’t know if she was ready to forgive him yet.

Hellooooo! Sorry its so shit! Im in college now and i find it super hard to write lately, i feel like im letting everyone down and theres a lot of pressure:( I hope you did enjoy- sorry its so short xx

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