Chapter 6

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The house was quiet when they arrived. Georgie must have been in bed already, but somehow there was a room prepped and ready for Kasia nonetheless.

"This is our guest room, it accommodates all people as best as it can. It should cater to all your needs." Findlay said cryptically as he left her to her own devices, mentioning that Georgie's and his room were just at the end of the hall if she needed anything. She looked around and immediately noticed that something about the room was different than the others she had been in before. For one, it was painted in a friendly and light tone of green that she could see even without current daylight. There were some clothes lain out for her, that fitted her comfortably once she tried them on. In no way could they have been Georgie's though, because as fierce as the woman was, she was also petite and even with her weight loss Kasia didn't compare to that.

She sank into the soft sea of pillows spread across the bed, unsure if she would be able to fall asleep. Something about beds that weren't her own simply made it a lot harder to cross over to sleep. But then again she was tired, tired to the bone with uncertainty of what to do next. Tired of not knowing how to fix any of it. Kasia allowed herself to finally think about Dyson, where he might be at the moment and if he could possibly miss her as much as she missed him. Slowly her eyes fell shut and the soft pulsing of her bracelet lured her towards sleep. Finally, her breathing slowed and she began to dream and more importantly to remember.

"Kas, as much as I love you, I won't allow you to do this."

Dyson had swiftly moved in front of Kasia and blocked the door. She had just packed her backpack full of books, ending their study session for the night. It was getting heavier by the second and her patience was wearing thin.

"Allow me? Which century are we living in? You can't tell me which university to go to!" She furiously let the backpack drop to the ground, only nearly missing Dyson's foot. To his credit, he didn't even flinch.

"I can, if you're choosing it for all the wrong reasons."

"How is wanting to live in the same town as you the wrong reason?"

"Kasia, come on! While Toronto has a great school for an archaeology or history study, it's nowhere near what you should seek out to get a degree in social work! They don't even have a program for that."

Kasia sighed, desperate to get the argument over. They had discussed this time and time again, but Dyson wouldn't budge on insisting she pursue a career as a social worker. When she had been little, it had always been her dream, she didn't even know how it started. Neither having been adopted nor having any first-hand experience with the foster system, she was still determined on caring for children who were part of the system herself at the young age of six.

"What do you want me to say? They do have plenty of maths and economics studies. I am good with numbers and there's always need for accountants."

He took her in his arms, making her look him in the eyes. "There's always need for social workers too."

Deep down she wished she could be as brave as him, going against her parent's wishes when it came to her future. The Rhodes family thought it was ridiculous that their youngest son wanted to become an archaeologist. There was no job security, very little prospects, they thought that all the important things had been discovered anyway, but they underestimated Dyson if they thought he wouldn't achieve greatness in whatever he did. Kasia knew with all her heart that he would excel, even though it wasn't the most pragmatic life choice. But now she had to be the sensible one. Her family didn't come from money and they wanted her to have a stable job. It didn't get more stable than becoming an accountant. They were worried about the low income of social workers, the dangers of the job when it came to handling people with addictions or gang background. Those were valid arguments, but it didn't make Kasia yearn for a job where she could make a difference any less. Then there was also always the big elephant in the room, the fact that she didn't want to be apart from Dyson.

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