You go to your dorm in your church school. As you unlock your door a boy stops you. "Hi Im sorry to bother you but im looking for dorm 247 Can you help me?" The boy asks. "Um Yeah its right next door" You smile at him. He walks to his door and unlocks it "By The Way im Cole" he smiles "Jessie" you smile back and go into your room. Your Roomie and Your Best Friend (Insert Best Friends Name Here) started asking you questions about Cole "I Dont know anything but that his room is right next to us" You explain to her. "Go ask him to hang Out Sometime Jess!!" She yells and pushes you out the door. Deep Breaths you tell yourself and knock on his door. He opens it and smiles at you. "Hi Jessie, What's up" He asks " I was just wondering if you...uh wanna hang out?" You ask him "sure is now good" He asks "Sure" you answer and walk into his Room.

10 months later

You to have been dating for 8 months now. After that day you first hung out with him,you became best friends, you met all his other friends, you learned he likes to listed to do Alot of the same stuff you do.One day you guys decided to study for finals together. You both were Studying  when he unexpectedly grabbed your waist and you both are looking eachother in the eyes. He slowly presses his lips to yours. His lips were soft, you smile and kissed him back. After that kiss he asked you out and you accepted. You've been dating since then.

A/N Hi! Sorry i took forever making these and im sorry it went long I got sooo into it! Sorry Jessie if its to long for you. If you dont like it ill make you a different one...

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