Contest - With Prizes! (CLOSED FOR ENTRIES)

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At the suggestion at one of my readers, @metaphorphosis, I’ve decided to try my hand at one of these contest thingamabobs I’ve seen a few folks on Wattpad do. The rules are simple: I’ll read the entrants’ first chapters, and pick my top two favorites as the winners.

The prizes, you ask? A vote, a critique of the chapter, a shout-out on my profile, plus a broadcast to my followers. But those are so mundane...If the winners are interested, I am also offering to edit a chapter of their choosing.

To enter, all you have to do is comment below with the name of the story you’re entering (don’t include a link – I’ll go to your profile). I’ll accept all entrants until this Friday, December 27th, or until the first 100 people enter. I have no idea how many people will be interested in participating (maybe it’ll only be a few, maybe a hundred), but I’m hoping to announce the winners the first week of January.

Depending on interest/how this goes, I’ll consider doing this on a monthly basis.

Note: Each author can only enter one story.

How I will judge your story:

Quality of Writing

Pretty self-explanatory - good grammar, spelling, variety of sentence structure, good use of vocab, etc.


How familiar is your plot? Do you rely on cliches? If you do, do you make them your own, or are they hackneyed?


How quickly do you grab the reader? Does your first chapter make me want to keep reading?


How much depth do you give your characters? (Yes, this is the first chapter, but your characters should have personality from page 1).

For the record, I don't have a genre bias, even though I write fantasy. So feel free to enter anything. The exception is poetry, since it can't be judged by the above criteria.

ETA: List of Entrants (so I can keep track):

1. @MissRao, The Science of Romance

2. @vampire_dead, Blast from the Blast

3. @Moth711, Frostfire

4. @Metamorphosis, Avernus

5. @Haruhi_Fujioka, El

6. @LucineT, Cassidy: Forgotten (Chapter 1; not prologue)

7. @palenomian101, Name

8. @xxmajaine, Retro-cognition

9. @bababoey2u, Gods Rising

10. @NowUntiltheEndofTime, Not Anymore

11. @voyageur (Ariel), Tempest

12. @fan_fic_fantasy, Maggie's Boys

13. @JessicaLeann920, Twisted Darkness

14. @BreannaLoyd, The Change

15. @Chemical_Insanity (Tiara), Polaris

16. @YourSecretNerd, The Princess of Elements

17. @JKReader, Breaking Chains

18. @Rigor_Samsa (Jude), Le Cirque de les Morts

19. @AmeenasKiddo, Pandora's Box

20. @C_Ryan, The King's Arm

21. @CenteredGravity (Catherine), Wistful Thinking

22. @GhostofGamesPast, Infected

23. @Alice_Iceflower, Heart of Stone

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