To: Those Who Wish To Know The Petty Things Relationships Don't Need. 2/1/12

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^^One of my sole supporters.

And a sweetie like you, just wait- couple more years and the guys'll realize what they're missing out on. You'll have to keep bolts and padlocks on your door starting then, with pepper spray in your bag all the time. Those boys be knocking on yo door 24/7, girl.(;


Howdy dudes.

Sorry, we have block scheduling at my school so we jsut switched to our new classes. I have History and English back to back so that's A LOT of outside reading. I've been busy.

But I decided I wanted to write in this for a bit, during my break from the book I have to read for history, "The Professor and the Madman, a Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary".

The book just had to be about the late 1800s to the early 1900s so I just chose an interesting one, OKAY? I'll tell you if it's good, just in case you want to read it!

BUT that's not the reason why I'm writing today.

I'm here to write about the one thing that I feel like is... not necessarily stereotyped, but close to it.

Things you really don't need in a relationship that people just make up.

I mean, I've never been in a legit relationship before, but I'm pretty sure not even half the stuff they say about them is true.


People think you always need to compliment your boyfriend and girlfriend.

But think about it. That's so stupid!

I mean, on a typical day, this is how your conversations would be-

Girl: Hey honeymuffin. Whatcha doin'?

Boy: You're pretty.

Girl(Confused): Okay...? Thanks?

if you were in a REAL relationship, couples could dress like slobs with day old clothes on and meet up, and their love will not waver.

Can I hear an Amen?



Please compliment your BF/GF only when it's actually necessary. If not, keep your replies and questions and comments and suggestions relevant to the current topic.

Thank you.



People don't need to tell their bf/gf everything.

I mean, sure, if you have like a serious illness or your going away for a year, don't just not tell your gf/bf . 'Cause then if you... I'm going to put it really bluntly, I don't mean to offend, I'm just saying.. pass away from the illness or just disapepar from the face of the earth, um... whose going to tell your girlfriend?

Especially if you have one of those relationships where its a "Don't Tell Dad" agreement.

But if it's like, "I really have to poop" or something while they keep droning on and on and on and on and on and on and on, come on. Take one for the team- keep it in.

Because anyway, if you tell them, it'd be a total turn off, at least before your two month mark is up, maybe even after then !

Guys don't like it when you mess up!

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