Blood Lust on Over Drive


At the end of the show, Dominic asked Ronnie to stay behind and that he had something to tell her.

Chapter Four

Ronnie nervously waited in the club once everyone had left. She had no idea why Dominic would be so jumpy. She had noticed him on high alert the whole night and she was slightly confused about it.

“What is the matter darling?” she asked as he slumped down on the couch patting the seat next to him for her to sit down.

“Veronica, dear, I have bad news for you and our friends here. Kristopher is coming here. ToLos Angeles, to challenge my authority.” He stopped to wait for her response. Ronnie knew that he only used her real name when he was truly worried about something. She didn’t know what to say to him. She knew that he couldn’t take on Kristopher by himself and would need all the forces he could get to beat him.

When Ronnie’s response didn’t come, Dominic stood up and walked out of the room. Assuming she was in shock, he excused himself to their bedroom and laid down before the sun arose over the horizon, killing all vampires to the day.   

He didn’t have any thought about what she could be doing, until he felt her power serge inside himself, knowing she had gone to one of her boy toys and fed the, already satisfied amour.

Just before sunrise, Ronnie slipped into their bed. Dominic was peacefully resting by the time she wrapped her nude body around him, pushing her breasts into his back.

They say vampires don’t dream; that their minds shut completely off while they lie in their own sleep. Dominic did not find this true. His mind raced. Hours before the sun was set, he awoke from his slumber. Ronnie was lying in the same position. He knew that they needed to think through a plan of what to do about Kristopher. He crawled out of the bed and into the adjoining bathroom.

His hand automatically ruffled through his perfect hair as he stared at his reflection. His eyes were drooped deep inside his face with stress. He knew that he would need to feed on someone soon, not only to solve his hunger, but also to boost their power.

They needed all the power they could get since they would be going up against Kristopher. As he made his way to his office, he heard the familiar sounds of love making coming from Aiden’s room.

Dominic carefully opened the door to see Melody and Aiden entertained, sweat dripping off their bodies.

Each pulled away and covered themselves with shame. “Do not be ashamed of what you were doing. In fact, continue with your deeds.” Dominic soothed the nervous humans. He felt their pulses racing through their bodies. It excited him to watch as Aiden continued with his conquest. The familiar sounds filled Dominic’s ears as he watched Aiden force his rather long dick into melody’s tight slit. If he had fed, he would have been stroking his cock just watching.

Aiden realized this and pulled away from Melody who whined for him to continue. Aiden, in his full glory crawled off the bed and strolled to Dominic who had sat himself in one of chase lounges across from the bed.

Dominic watched as Aiden’s cock bounced proudly between his legs. He would have never of know what was going to happen next, but he offered himself to Dominic.

“Master, I want you to pleasure me while I pleasure Melody.” It was music to Dominic’s ears as he licked the base of Aiden’s hard cock. He shuddered at the feeling of Dominic’s strong hands beginning to stroke him and pull him into his mouth. He beckoned Melody to them. She crawled out of the bed and massaged herself. Dominic drew in her female scent as she joined them.

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