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Calum's POV

Michael: OOoOoooOh a
band huh? Thats hot

M: what coffee shops do
you play at?
M: maybe I could stop
by and see a show sometime

                  Calum: we haven't played coffee shops in a long while

He didn't want to brag, but I mean... c'mon...

Michael: oh yeah? No more
pay to play gigs?

C: nope😴
Calum typed out, mildly offended,,, he doesn't know me

                            C: i wanna hear more about how hot me being in a band is
He moved the topic onward

M: getting in touch with
ur musical side- being all
soulful and shit,,, Idk it's
just sexy man
M: plus boys in bands are
usually hot- it's just like
common knowledge

Calum snorted at the last one and typed out a reply

                           C: u haven't even seen me babe ;)

Who even was this person typing? It certainly wasn't Calum

Michael: well.... then
send me a pic 'babe'

Welp alrighty then- this guy doesn't know who I am..... probably?
I mean he's a dude, not a teenage girl....

C: here goes nothing

C: here goes nothing

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