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This note is mainly created for those who already read His Secret Wife before I decided to revise it (because you already knew the plot hehe). But if you're a new reader, you can still read it if you want to.

As one of the major errors that made a great downfall to the story and the other stories that are connected to HSW, mainly the two stories under Make Duology (MHMOI50D & MHMI50D), which is the timeline...

From chapters 23 to the end of the story, there'll be a lot of changes, specially when it comes to the ages of the characters and years. Same thing will happen to Make Duology.

Well, that's why it's under revision and not just  editing because I'm correcting every errors, not just grammatical errors kundi pati na rin ang mga plot holes at itong timeline nga. I also want to improve the story more because it's surprisingly and unexpectedly gaining lots of attention, and I don't want my readers who get excited every updated just to disappoint them in the end.

So to those who are currently re-reading the story, please bear with the changes coming. I'm hoping for your consideration and understanding.

I won't change the plot. It will be a different story if I will change it.

Thank you!

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