Hold Tight (Part 2)

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"Lo" I said trying to suppress my moan as she nibbled on my ear

"Si Camz(yes camz)" she said letting go of my ear

"Q-que estas ha-haciendo?(what are you doing?)" I asked shakily

"Desquitarse(getting even)" she said huskily into my ear before biting down and sucking harshly on my skin.

In one swift move Lauren went from being behind me to hovering over me. I watched as her eyes trailed my body up and down repeatedly before finally stopping and looking me in my eyes.

"Camz" she said turning her attention to the hand that was drawing patterns on my stomach


"What exactly did Dinah dare you to do?" She asked leaning closer to me

"S-she uhh.... she dared me to kiss you" I stuttered out nervously

"And?" She said moving her head closer to my neck

"And" I stopped and gulped loudly. "She said to tease you"

"Is that it?" She husked out against my neck

"No... Ssssshe ssssaid that wh-when you're all worked up t-to stop"

"Mm... and if the other girls didn't interrupt us would you have stopped?" I felt her tongue leaving wet trails on my body and felt myself shutter underneath her every touch

"I-ya. I don't know, I mean... I'm not sure it's just that-"

"Baby girl it's a yes or no question" she said bringing her face close to mine "So I'm gonna ask you again. Were you. Planning on stopping after you made me horny!" When she said the last word her hands shot up my shirt and went straight to my bra-less chest.

"No bra? Fuck, that's hot Camz" she said as she massaged my breast.

"N-no" I once again stuttered out

"What was that?"

"I S-said No" I tried saying more calmly but couldn't due to the intense feelings she was applying to my chest

"No what?" I could hear that smile in her voice and I knew she was doing this on purpose, she knew exactly what I meant

"No I wasn't planning on stopping" I said. She removed her hand from under my shirt and now had both hands on either side of my head on the bed it was quiet for a few seconds and my breathing started to calm down as one of her hands brushed through my hair

"Can I tell you something Camz" she said as her eyes stared deep into my soul


I furrowed my eyebrows but relaxed into her touch as she cupped the left side of my face with her right hand and leaned down so that her lips were barely brushing over mine. She lightly kissed me before pulling away and saying

"I don't plan on stopping" her words alone made my mouth go dry. And I was slightly taken back when she placed her soft lips on mine again.

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