"Are you sure you want to go?"

"I'm sure dad," I said tying my shoe.

"You don't have to go, you know that."

"I know dad, but I really want to."

He left my room without another word.  He'll probably want to drive me so there's really no need to get my keys.

I make my way downstairs and see my sister waiting.

"We're taking you," Kate says with a sigh.

"Of course you are." Allison says.

We all go outside and get in the red tahoe that my dad owns.

The car ride to school is very quiet. Nobody wants to talk.

Finally we pull up to the school. As Allison tries to get out, but our dad locks the doors.

"Dad, if you're gonna insist on driving us to school, you at least need to let us out of the car."

"Kate," dad says. "What's your opinion on home schooling?"

"Hmm, well you know, I'm more of a learning-by-doing kind of girl."

"What's your opinion on overprotective dads who keep ruining their daughters' lives?"

Kate looks at Allison, then she looks at me. Finally she reaches over our dad and unlocks our doors.

"Thank you," Allison says.

"You're welcome."

As Allison leaves I stay. I need to talk to my dad about letting me hunt for the alpha.

"So, Chris," Kate says.

"Don't. Just don't... Your look communicates it perfectly. Yes, I underestimated the danger. Yes, we should've acted sooner. Yes, I shouldn't put Abigail in this much danger. Yes, I should've listened to you."

"But dad, I want to help you. I can help you-"

"All I was going to say is you need to stop and get some gas."

"Abigail, get out."

"Dad, I want to continue helping you. I can get close to the alpha."

"You're just a kid, you can't help."

I storm out of the car furiously. Jackson spots me and he comes to talk to me.

"Bad morning?"

"You don't know the half of it," I say.

"What's the matter."

"My dad, he doesn't think I can help him do something. He keeps calling me a kid."

"Wow, that must suck."

"I have a testi have to take, I'll see you before lacrosse practice."

"Sounds like a plan."

I walk into Mrs. Harris' class taking a seat next to Allison.

Suddenly Scott walks in and takes a seat in front of her.

She looks at me and I just shrug my shoulders.

"You have 45 minutes to complete the test. 25% of your grade can be earned right now simply by writing your name on the cover of the blue book."

I quickly scribble my name up in the right hand corner.

"However," Mr Harris continues. "As happens every year, one of you will inexplicably fail to put your name on the cover, and I'll be left yet again questioning my decision to ever become a teacher. So let's get the dissapointment over with. Begin."

I quickly open my test booklet and start reading the first question.


I looked around the room.

"Eyes on your test Ms. Argent."

I looked back down at my booklet.

"Abigail, come join me. Together we will be the most powerful team of werewolves."

The alpha?

Soon my vision started to get blurry. I could see black blood coming out my fingernails.

Soon Scott jumps up from his seat and leaves.

"Mr, McCall."

Stiles gets up and follows him.

I get up to follow them but I start to sway and everything goes black.


I wake up in the nurses office. I look at the clock. It had been a few hours sgo that I passed out.

I looked to the other side of the bed and saw Jackson.

"Here, drink this," he says getting me a glass of water. "They said you were dehydrated."

"I feel better now, can we go."

"Yeah, its time for lacrosse practice anyway."

Jackson and I leave the nurse's office and we head to the locker room. I wait for Jackson outside.

Finally after a while Jackson comes out with his lacrosse gear on.

"So," Jackson said while we started walking.

"So what?"

"If I was single would you consider going out with me?"

I walked in silence for a while until I finally answered.

"I would consider it, yes."

He smirked a little.

Soon he stopped walking so I did.

"What is itJackson?"

Just then ge kissed me. It was a long kiss.

He stepped back and I stood there confused. But we just kept walking
until we were at the lacrosse field. I went and sat on the bleachers and Jackson went to the field.

Scott gets taken down by a player. He must have been off his game because of Allison.

Then Scott getsin front of Stiles to make a point that he could make the goal is what I'm guessing.

Scott knocks down to players and hits Danny who was the goalie with his lacrosse stick.

"Danny!" Jackson yells.

Everyone including me run up and crowd around Danny to make sure he's okay.

Danny takes his helmet off and reveals a bloody nose.

Lydia joins the crowd and stands with Jackson. I could tell her lipstick was smudged.

"Is he okay?"

"Yeah," Jackson says. "It looks like he jut has a bloody nose."

Jackson looks at her like she's crazy.


"Your lipstick."

Lydia pulls out a small compact mirror out of her purse and looks at her lips.

"Oh, huh wonder how that happened."

"Yeah, I wonder."

Soon Stiles looks from Lydia to Scott and finally it clicks.

Scott and Lydia had just made out.

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