Chapter Three

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^Video is If The World Turned Upside Down from the Broadway musical, Finding Neverland. I am in love with this musical!

Before we had barely made it out of the broken down lot, Josh and the others had caught up with us.

The red haired boy flung himself into Peter's path and stopped him cold in his tracks.

He held his hands up pleadingly, palms facing heavenwards. "Why doesn't she come with us?" He asked with a hopeful undertone. He nearly begged the single request.

The boys behind him snickered loudly as if the very idea was ridiculous.

Josh's face flushed bright red with embarrassment, a shade far brighter than his coppery hair, but his quartz eyes held steady with Peter's. A wave of seriousness washed off of him. His voice rang out, desperately trying to reach above the others' noisy laughter, "She's all alone! Like we were before you, Peter! Besides, we were already looking for Fin's replacement!"

At the mention of himself, the blonde-haired boy shoved forward and raised his own voice into the argument, "But she's a girl!" His voice was humorous as if the thought of taking a girl along was simply preposterous. 

The other boys chorused behind him with shouted cries of agreements, not once giving Josh a moment to defend himself or his soft-hearted claims.

Peter laid a cool and collected eye on all of them, including the soft-spoken Josh. He stood up straight and called an authoritative air to himself.  "Wyn has a family who loves her dearly. We can't possibly hope to take that from her."

The arguments deflated from the children. 

Then he turned, ignoring the now quiet boys, and continued on his way, my small hand still clenched in his own larger one.


The key that hung adoringly around Peter's neck turned out to be a key to my grandma's house. He could have used it but instead chose to knock and gain access politely.

Her brown eyes widened drastically when she took in the sight of the eight of us crowded onto her doorstep. Her mouth hung open in utter shock as Peter presented me to her.

The door was held open as we were ushered into the lair of her darkened home.

"What are you doing here, Peter?"She whispered cautiously when she thought the others were out of range.


We were all huddled in Grandma's living room.

I was seated at her feet, having nowhere else to go. Across from me, the boys had all bunched down on the couch, except for, of course, Peter. He had taken a seat in the last remaining chair.

The red haired man had explained thoroughly to Grandma exactly why we were all there. Why I was there more specifically. Where Peter's knowledge of my lost status stopped, Josh gladly stepped up to fill in the missing gaps.

Her face, as well as mine, flushed in embarrassment when she learned of how I came to be in Josh's company. Where the embarrassment ended came a burning rage that I saw flaring through Grandma's brown eyes. My parents were in for a rough time when they finally found me.

Apparently, Josh had been observing me for quite a while and had seen me take my fateful fall.

How embarrassing.

Only after the end of the tale, did Grandma and Peter start to ramble on like two lost friends reconnected by a thread of fate.

It was long in the night before something of concern in their conversation peaked my rather drowsy interest.

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