Chapter 1

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Seriously this has been rotting for like more than three months... 

Somebody help me. 

So perhaps this Wattpad will help me figure stuff out. 

Let's get started! 


7:06 A.M.

Wade and Peter's Apartment

Living Room

Ring, ring, ring! Wade fell off of his couch to the sound of his cell phone yelling for attention.

It better be worth it, we were having a totally awesome dream!

It's probably only someone that wants a job done.

If it is, then let's go kill them instead for snapping us out of our dream!

"Shut it," Wade snapped at his arguing boxes, picking up his still screaming phone.

"What is it?" he snapped, sitting up groggily. There was a sharp intake of breath on the other line, leaving Wade sitting in confusion. Even the boxes started to slow down their argument.

"Who is this?" Wade demanded, hissing at the phone. There was a loud bang in the background, then another sharp and jagged breath intake.

"W-Wade..," the voice rasped. At that small word, Wade's world slowed to a halt.

The boxes were silent.

"P-Petey?" Wade asked into the phone, fully awake now. "Are you okay? Are you hurt? Where are you?" he kept asking questions, not having any answer from his lover.

"P-Please..," the desperation in Peter's voice made Wade's heart clench. "Help me..." that was the last thing he heard before the line broke into static. Wade knew he had to find his Petey, and he wouldn't sit around and wait for permission. But he couldn't do it alone; he needed the Avenger's help.


All was surprisingly quite in the Avenger's tower. Clint was silently cursing under his breath about how Thor always cheats at Mario Cart. 

Bucky was cleaning one of his many, many guns, while Bruce was silently reading a book. Steve and Sam were cooking a small breakfast for everyone, while Tony tried to wake himself with his fifth cup of coffee. Pietro just sat idly by watching with amusement as Thor beat Clint for the fourth time that morning. Logan was amused by the small play.

Natasha and Wanda had an important extremely confidential mission at hand, leaving all the men wondering what the hell they couldn't be invited on. 

Maybe it was better that they didn't know what the two woman were up to. 

Anyway, everything was good. Everything was as normal as things could be in Avengers Tower. 

Then Wade teleported in. 

Clint screamed like a girl. Bruce just smiled and looked up from his book. Bucky's gun was on Wade in a second. Sam dropped an egg. Steve screamed. 

Tony fell out of the dang chair. 

"Before you shoot me to bits," Wade said, shooting his hands out to shield himself from Bucky's gun. "I need your help!" he pleaded. 

"What do you want, Wilson?" Steve asked, walking up to the ex-mercenary. After all, Peter did have a good impact of the man. 

Steve didn't mind the man that much anymore, and he gave Peter kudos to actually take the time and dedication to actually try and fix something that Steve thought was broken and thrown away. 

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