Haruna let out a frustrated sigh as she tossed her bag onto the couch, running her fingers through her long locks. She could hear Rina come into the house behind her, closing the door softly. Rina wasn’t supposed to be here right now seeing as Haruna didn’t know exactly when her parents would be back this time, but Rina was desperate for a place to stay. It would just be a risk that Haruna would have to take, she could probably explain her way out of Rina being here anyway if they did get caught. The problem would be finding Rina a new place to go.

“Are you okay, Haru?” Haruna could hear Rina’s soft voice. She knew that the younger girl could definitely tell that something was wrong with her; it really wasn’t that hard to tell when it came to people like Haruna.

Haruna let herself fall back onto the couch, her head falling down against the back of it as her eyes trained up on the ceiling. Should she tell Rina what happened earlier? She could just leave the details about threatening Hana’s life out of the story, which was something Rina really didn’t know. Rina would probably go ballistic on her if she knew; Haruna knew that there was no way Rina would have ever supported that. She knew Rina didn’t want her doing things like that but she couldn’t help it. She wanted to get Hana back for what she had done, but she ended up getting the complete opposite.

“Please tell me what’s wrong, don’t shut me out again…”

Haruna looked over at the girl, her tone sounding so heartbroken. She gave Rina a small smile before beckoning for her to come over. Rina didn’t hesitate as she walked over to Haruna, sitting down on the couch and scooting close to Haruna. She leaned onto the older girl as Haruna wrapped her arms around Rina, pulling her into a loving embrace. How did she even begin to tell her all of this?

“You know how much I love you, right, Rina?” Haruna asked, ignoring Rina’s initial question. Rina looked up at Haruna, nodding before the older girl connected them in a kiss.

“What’s wrong?” Rina asked again when the girls separated. Haruna sighed softly, pushing Rina’s head down against her shoulder. Rina cuddled closer to Haruna, nuzzling her head against Haruna. She loved being like this but right now, she couldn’t get rid of the feeling of dread she was getting. She knew something was wrong with Haruna and every time Haruna ignored her question, she got more and more scared. She didn’t know if she was more scared about what Haruna could tell her or if she was scared of the idea of Haruna shutting her out again.

“You know I’d do anything to protect you…”

“Haruna, where are you getting at?” Rina asked suddenly, cutting of Haruna’s words. Rina knew what it meant when Haruna acted like this; it meant she was hiding something from her. Haruna laid her head down on Rina’s, rubbing the younger girl’s arm slowly. Rina was really not going to like this...

“When Hana did….this… Did she tell you anything odd?” Rina looked up at Haruna, the confusion she felt very evident in the expression on her face. The young brunette was wracking her brain, trying to think of what Haruna could have meant by her question. It didn’t make sense to her at first.

Rina’s eyes widened when her mind came across the one incident she was now sure Haruna had been talking about. Rina had completely forgotten about it. She had been so concerned with trying to forget what had happened that she had totally forgot what Hana had said to her. She had forgotten to pass along Hana’s message to Haruna.

“What did she tell you?” Haruna asked when she saw the fear taking over Rina’s expression. The way Rina was reacting to this wasn’t making Haruna feel too good. Haruna could feel Rina tighten the grip she had around Haruna, attempting to snuggle even closer to the older girl.

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