The first mistake (Chapter 1)

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Your p.o.v
Ughhh I don't want to get my results back for that test I feel like I done absolutely terrible and I stayed way to late trying to finish I'm actually surprised they didn't kick me out oh well time to go home I guess,, I wonder if mark and jacks vid is up right now they're the only reason I go back to my boring lonely home ....

??? p.o.v
Tonight is the night,, finally we've waited to long to mess this up now all we do is follow her watching her EVERY SINGLE MOVE to see how we can use those moves against her she can't fight back we know to much information about her now it's just up to us not to Mess this up

Your p.o.v
I finally got home it's so cold outside colder than usual,, weird but egh oh well

No ones p.o.v
You walk over to your computer sit Down and turn on your laptop and then all of a sudden you hear a glass smash you walk over into the kitchen and see a smashed glass you look around to see no one there you back up into your room not looking behind you until you feel two warm bodies behind you.....

Okay guys this is only the first chapter so I didn't want to get to much Into what's going to happen next but anyways I hope you enjoyed and I shall be righting again tomorrow

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