Chapter 29

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Funerals. Such depressing things. It feels like you've pushed all the grief away and it it just comes straight back when you say your final goodbyes. I couldn't believe I was saying goodbye to Kelly. It was only a few weeks ago we were laughing about and having fun. Then this happens.

We were holding the funeral at Kelly's home town. Her parents organized the whole thing. I don't even want to think about how their feeling. I only knew Kelly for a few weeks and it hurts so much.

I pushed open Drakes car door and placed my feet on the gravel of the driveway of the church. The bells were echoing throughout the graveyard, making this even more depressing. I took in  a deep shaky breath as I looked around me. People outside the church, all chatting to themselves in small groups. All in black. It  felt wrong. As if this wasn't meant to be happening. Like a nightmare, that I still hoped I would wake up from. Any second now.

"The service will start in a minute, we should head inside." Drake said, coming to my side. I nodded, unwilling to take my eyes off the church. I wanted to take it all in. To remember evey detail so I could convince myself that this wasnt a nightmare. Just a cruel fate.

Drake grabbed my hand. I gripped onto it, as if it was the only thing keeping me alive. I needed him. I wouldn't be able to make it through this without him here. He just made it all go away for a short amount of time. I savoured that small amount of time. It was what I looked forward to when I wake up in the morning.

We slowly began walking towards the church. Every footstep leading us to Kelly's final goodbye. Like this was the moment that we all put her to rest and forget about her. Like she meant nothing as she is dead now. That was the way it normally went. But I refused for that to happen to Kelly. I was going to make no one forgets. Not even for a minute. Some may say it selfish, to make someone remember something so painful, but to me it was showing respect.

"How are you doing?" Drake whispered in my ears. I thought that question over. Do I lie? Or tell the truth. Deep down I wanted to spill all my emotions out, like it would some how make it go away, but I knew that it would just worry Drake and thats the last thing I want.

"I'm fine." I said. I forced a small smile. Something about the way he looked at me made me feel like he knew I wasn't. I was actually grateful for that.

"I told you, your going to get through this. I'll make sure of it." He promised. I nodded my head. Liking the sound of that. A hush fell over the people as a depressing song began playing. We all stood up from out seats, looking towards the doors of the church where men we carrying a casket. Kelly's casket.

They began slowly walking down the carpet, leading to the front where the vicar was standing, waiting to start the service. I gulped, feeling that awful pain again in my chest. It was like a ache, that was taking all the energy out of me.

The men arrived at the front and lowered the casket. They did a peace sign and walked away.

"You may all be seated." The vicar said. We all took out seats on the pillars spread along the church. I looked around me, looking at the faces, trying to see if anyone else felt the pain. I only spotted four people. Kelly's parents, a woman, I'm assuming is Kelly's older sister and Mark.

I was surprised to see him here. Especially to see the look on his face. He looked so pale, like it was unhealthy to be that colour. His eyes seemed so...lifeless. Why did he feel like that? The only think I could think of was the fact that him and Kelly were soulmates. He didn't want her though. But by the look of him I'm starting to think differently. A bit too late for that now though.

Once the service was finsihed, we all walked into the graveyard to watch Kelly be buried. I didnt want to be close, so I stood at the back of the crowd with Drake. He held my hand the whole way through, whispering to me when I needed it. It made my heart flutter a little each time.

The crowd we slowly beginning to leave. I pushed forward so I was standing right next to her grave. I read the in graving.

Kelly Anderson

God only takes the best



"I cant believe shes really gone." He whispered next to me. I tilted my head to the side to see the ill looking Mark. He was looking down at the gravestone with such sadness in his eyes it would make you cry.

"Neither can I." I said honestly. I turned my head back to the gravestone. Reading that one sentence over and over again. God really does take the best.

"Do you think she is in heaven?" He asked suddenly. I frowned.

"Of course, you knew that Kelly was a great person." I said. He nodded his head but still held a frown.

"But were vampires. Is there really a heaven for us?" He asked quietly.

"Yes. Even if there wasn't, they couldn't sent Kelly away. She changes the rules completely." I could just imagine Kelly in heaven right now. Probably chatting away to people. Giving them a headache, I thought with a small laugh. That sounds like Kelly. Little miss chatter box.

"You really think so?" He asked. I raised my head to the sky, looking in to the clouds above.

"I know so."


I think I'm going to end it there.

Hoped you liked reading it. I cant believe I finished my first book!

Sorry if its a crappy ending. There will be another book so its more like a mini break ;)

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