14- Welcoming Celebration

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"Were you serious about accompanying me?" I asked her.

"Unfortunately, yes. I don't want you getting along with Aphrodite." She said in an annoyed tone. Then thunder rumbled, signaling the start of the party. "Well," Artemis said. "It's time. Let's go." Then she dragged me off to the entrance to the party area. I saw that people were already gathered inside which made me nervous. "Ready Percy?" Artemis looked at me with those beautiful silver eyes. I smiled at her and nodded.

Then, we walked down the red carpet hand in hand. Among the crowd there were shocked, happy, nervous and blank faces but I didn't mind them cause Artemis gave me strength. We reached the other end where Zeus and Hera, king and queen of Olympus and the gods, were waiting and Artemis let go of my hand and went to where most of the gods were. I immediately felt nervous without her presence. Zeus and Hera welcomed me and I stood between them.

"All hail Perseus! The god of earth, nature, water, moon, heroes and swordsmanship and the 13th Olympian!" Zeus boomed. Everybody bowed to me, making me feel even more nervous. Then Zeus turned to me. "Perseus, you are now officially welcomed as a god." Then he faced the rest. "Now let's enjoy this party!" Everybody cheered and dispersed. Apollo and Hermes came to me with bright smiles and gave me a cup of champagne.

"Welcome to the club, Perseus!" Apollo said and held his cup in front of him. "Cheers?" I smiled.

"Cheers!" The three of us took a sip.

"So Perseus, what do you want to do, now that you're an official god?" Hermes asked me with mischief in his eyes.

"Um..." I thought hard. "First of all, I would like to build a palace. I badly need a place to stay at." The mischief in Hermes' eyes was replaced by disappointment.

"Oh. But I doubt that you'll need it. You're Artemis' guardian so you'll be traveling and living with her and her hunters most of the time. You should do something more fun." My face dropped. Living with the hunters would be my worst nightmare.

"You should come with me, Perce!" I looked at Apollo with surprise when he called me Perce. "I know a place with a lot of hot chicks." He winked at me. I frowned.

"Uh... No thanks. I'm not interested in flirting." I replied.

"How about traveling around the world and stealing the tastiest cows?" Hermes suggested with a grin.

"Uh... That's not my type of fun." I rejected his offer. "Uh guys, it was really nice talking with you. Um, I'll be back." Then I left them there and went to a more peaceful and quiet place in the garden that was near a fountain and had a nice view of the different palaces and temples in Mt. Olympus.

"I knew I would find you in a place like this." I turned around to see a smiling Aphrodite. "Looks like your Artemis left you after your grand entrance." She chuckled. When she said 'your Artemis', I got a weird feeling in my chest. "Here drink this." Aphrodite offered a cup of red champagne to me. I shook my head, knowing that whatever Aphrodite offers is not good. "C'mon silly, it's not poisoned. I know your feeling nervous right now so I wanted to make you feel better." Aphrodite said soothingly. Weirdly, I felt relaxed at her words and I wanted to obey her. My hand involuntarily got the cup and I drank it against my will. Suddenly, I felt so hot and horny. I pulled Aphrodite by the arm until there was very little space in between us. She smiled triumphantly at my actions. "That's better Perseus! I like that look of lust in your eyes. I'm feeling so excited! Do anything you want! I'm all yours Perseus!" I got turned on at her words and she moaned as my breath fanned her neck as I leaned towards her neck, ready to shower her with kisses.

"Perseus!" I heard someone shout my name but before I could glare at that person, I felt pain sting my cheek. I immediately got out of my daze as I saw white dots.

"Oh Artemis! You ruined it!" I heard Aphrodite's irritated cry. When I heard the name 'Artemis', I felt my blood turn cold. I blinked away the white dots and saw a very angry Artemis glaring at me and Aphrodite. Then her bow appeared in her hand and she aimed an arrow at Aphrodite.

"Get out!" Aphrodite turned pale and immediately flashed away. Then Artemis aimed her arrow at me. She was glowing red with anger. "What were the two of you doing?!" She shouted at me.

"Artemis... I can explain..." I stammered as she pulled back the string of her bow.

"Then quit stammering and explain!" I could sense that she was in the verge of tears but I couldn't understand why.

"I don't know what happened to me. All I remember is that she came to me and gave me a cup of champagne." The murderous look in her eyes made my hair stand on end.

"Stay here! If I come back and you're not here, I'll show you no mercy!" Then with that she flashed away. I tried to protest but she already flashed away. So I just stayed there, staring at the spot where she was standing awhile ago.

Artemis PoV:

I couldn't believe that Aphrodite tried to pollute the most decent man in the world! What I saw, made me go into a frenzy of rage. I felt betrayed and angry until I found out the truth. I wanted to strangle or even torture Aphrodite for trying to hit on my Percy. So, I flashed myself to her palace. I kicked open the door to her room and saw her on the bed pleasuring herself and moaning out the name of Percy. The sight made me want to puke and kill her at the same time. When she saw me, she immediately covered herself.

"You really do have a deathwish, huh?!" I roared at her.

"Why do you care so much about him?! Don't you hate males?!" She shouted back. Then her mouth curled into a smile. "Unless..." She laughed. "The man-hating goddess, Artemis, is in love with a male? Well this is a new one for me." My blood boiled and I let an arrow sail at Aphrodite. She screamed in pain when the arrow hit her shoulder.

"Watch your next words both here and in public." I said deadly calm. "Or else, you'll find a dozen arrows coming at you." Then I flashed away to where Percy was.

I found him pacing back and forth with a grim face. When he saw me, he froze. We just stood there looking at each other in silence for awhile. Then Percy broke the silence and slowly came closer to me.

"Artemis, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have..." I cut him off by kissing his cheek. My face slightly reddened and his eyes widened.

"It's okay. Besides it wasn't entirely your fault." Then I slightly smiled. "Sorry for slapping you hard twice." A smile crept into his face.

"Well, I deserve a slapping once or twice." Then he offered his hand to me. His face slightly reddened. "So... Um... Should we enjoy the rest of the party?" I smiled and got his hand.

"That would be nice."

Word Count: 1916 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: November 8, 2016
A/N: Here is another long chapter my blue cookies! I noticed that I'm fond of writing long chapters these days lol. Sorry for the gross scenes hehe but I didn't want to make it deep cause I wanted to keep Percy's virgin lips for Artemis lol. So, please vote and comment, thanks in advance! See y'all in the next chapter, bye! (Sorry if I'm in a hurry, my mom is strict -.-)

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