14- Welcoming Celebration

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Percy's PoV:

It was the night of the welcoming celebration and I've never been this nervous my entire life. I ruffled my hair while looking at my reflection in the fountain of my cabin. I just wore a plain white polo shirt with a blue tie and black pants. Of course, Riptide was in my pocket because I didn't want to go empty handed to a party with a lot of strangers. Then suddenly there was a bright flash beside me and a sulky Artemis appeared in a beautiful silver dress that matched her silver eyes, making me step away and look at her in awe. Then she slapped me with enough strength to make my cheek swell. I instantly held my cheek with my hand, trying to ease the pain. I wondered if my jaw had already dislocated.

"Don't look at me like that!" She screamed at me with frustration. Everyone outside must have heard her. "Ugh! I hate wearing this stupid dress."

"Uh... Why are you here?" I asked her. She just crossed her arms.

"Idiot. Can't you remember that we are partners? We have to go there together or Zeus would chuck you down to Tartarus." I frowned at her. Sadly, history class didn't focus too much on Greek Mythology.

"What is Tartarus?" I asked her cluelessly. She sighed.

"Why don't you learn from Chiron? I have no time to explain now."

"But I want to learn it from you." I said quietly but I knew that she heard me cause she looked up at me. We just stood there looking at each other in awkward silence for a while. Then Artemis finally broke the silence.

"You know what, I don't think that this is the time to talk about those things." Then she smiled mischievously. "Ready to meet Aphrodite, Percy?" I smiled when she called me Percy. But then my smile dropped when I thought of her question. Before I could ask her about it, she flashed us off to Aphrodite's palace.

When we appeared in Aphrodite's palace, we saw Aphrodite still applying makeup. But when she sensed our presence, she immediately stood up and turned to us with a bright smile.

"Oh Arty, you came! And look who's here! Hello Perseus!" She fluttered her eyelashes and Artemis scowled at her.

"First of all Aphrodite, don't call me Arty! Next, don't flirt with Perseus or you'll find my dagger at your throat!" Aphrodite just smiled at her.

"So, what can I help you with?" She asked Artemis. Artemis nodded over at me, making Aphrodite's eyes brighten. "Oh! So you want a makeover for Perseus? Well I agree," She looked at my outfit with disgust. "His outfit really sucks! My goodness!" Then she snapped her fingers and a bright glow sorrounded my body. The next second, I was already wearing a fancy black jacket over a blue long sleeve shirt with a white tie, fancy black pants and a pair of polished black shoes. My hair was also combed neatly and my tan skin glowed. "Now that's better!" Aphrodite clapped her hands. I frowned at her.

"I don't like it." Aphrodite scowled at me.

"Well, it looks good." Artemis added out of nowhere and Aphrodite instantly smiled.

"Thank you, Artemis. Now Perseus, do you want me to accompany you during your entrance?" Aphrodite asked eagerly with a flirtatious smile. Suddenly, Artemis pulled me next to her and inserted her hand in mine.

"No! I will accompany him, not you!" Artemis smiled a plastic smile at her. "Thank you for your help Aphrodite! Bye." Before Aphrodite could say anything, she flashed us off to the garden in Olympus where the party would be held.

We faced each other. She still hadn't let go of my hand so I didn't do anything about it. Besides, I liked holding her hand.

"Percy, ruffle your hair. You don't look good with neat hair." I grinned at what she said and ruffled my hair. She smiled at me.

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