Angelic Sins: Chapter 9

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Chapter 9:

“True love never dies for it is lust that fades away. Love bonds for a lifetime but lust just pushes away.” –Alicia Barnhart

                Red. All I see is red. My mind is fuzzy. What happened? I feel frays of carpet against my face. The red is only my carpet. I feel it in my hands as I try and get up. My strength fails and I fall face first back into the carpet. I smell blood. There is more in this carpet. Finally grasping the strength to stand I lean against my counter and collect my thoughts.

                Olivia…. She’s gone. They took her. My memories start flooding back as I panic. I don’t even know where Sakura is. She showed up to my place and took advantage of me. After she left I had no idea where she went. I need to find where she’s at. I need to find Olivia.

                My ears are ringing and my taste buds are off. I’m weak. I carefully head to the fridge and drink some blood. The taste rubs into my mouth. I feel my strength coming back.

                A knock at the door. It startles me. I don’t know who would be coming to see me in daylight. It’s still not night yet. I still can’t yet try and find her. Instead I’m plotting where to start looking in my mind.

                “Come in,” I say. I didn’t care anymore. More vampires to finish me off? Go ahead, Olivia is gone. If I can’t save her than I might as well be dead.

                I watch as an angel walks in my door. Naked. She is blond with bright blue eyes. I’ve seen her before. She told Olivia that she couldn’t kill me. This was an angel from the heavens. She didn’t need clothes because she never came to earth. I can’t help but let my eyes stray down her body. I’ve never seen such a perfect body before. Vampire’s have such flawless bodies, yet this. I just can’t remove my eyes. Her body seems to glow.

                She doesn’t speak a word but comes close to me and looks at my apartment. Her eyes look terrified. She tipped my recliner over and sat down. Intrigued I walk over to watch her. Her eyes closed now she seems to be relaxing on my recliner. What in the hell is going on?

                “Tristan, that is your name isn’t it?” she speaks with a tone of charisma in her voice.

                “Yes, and yours is?” I say. I still have never heard this woman’s name.

                “Divinity,” she says. Finally her eyes open and she looks into mine.

                I ponder on her name. Such a powerful name. She is divine. The name suits her well, as she seems to be the divine being sent down every time trouble arises. Her figure is so fragile as I look at it.

                “Olivia is gone,” I say. Dread clouds my mind and I don’t notice as she stands before me.

                “I know… and you must save her… now,” She says. Concern floods in her voice.

                “I can’t yet, it is daylight. There are still a few hours left,” I say. I shake my head as I wish I could run out and find her. If I only had some clue as to where she is at. “I don’t even know where to start looking.”

                “I do,” she says. I look up to her and she is inches from me now. She seems too close for comfort.

                “Still I can’t leave yet,” I say. The deep blue swirls in her eyes look deep into mine. I almost feel lost for words that a woman this beautiful stands but inches from me.

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