Four: Dreams and Nightmares

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I would just like to warn some of you that the following content will involve sexual descriptions. if your not interested just skip. xxx

Chapter Four: Dreams & Nightmares

"Luke?...Luke! Where are you ??" I said running through the dark Forrest looking for my lover. We were going to get married and he ran out one just like that.

I carried my poofy layers of dresses trying to run through the dark path. My dress was already torn to shreds. My feet were killing me and my heart was aching and all I wanted to do was find my Luke.

The trees and torn bushes scraped and pricked my legs and forearms revealing fresh new blood leaking from my skin.

The only pain I felt was loosing my soulmate.

I suddenly stopped on my tracks. And my breath hitched. There laid in the middle of the deep, dark Forrest was my Luke.

He laid there lifeless.

"Luke "I whispered walking towards his badly injured corpse. My heart ached. He was brutally attacked. Blood stains and cuts were everywhere.

The horror was when I realised he has been stabbed more than once. I leaned down and stared at him. The colour has been drained from his face and his lip had been busted.

I blinked my eyes a couple of times letting the tears fall. He was gone. Out of my life. His soul has been shifted to a different dimension before I could say I do.

I laid down placing my headvon his cold hard chest and placed my warm hand on top of his lifeless cold hand.I closed my eyes and sobbed silently to myself as I stayed like that for a while.

Suddenly a force pulls me away from Luke and slammed me into the old hard bark of an oak tree. I groaned loudly feeling my back bones cracking bit by bit. I looked around for the person but I could see anybody.

Everything became pitch black. The trees were unnoticeable and I panicked.

Not being able to see anything scared me.

Human like hands fastened around my neck. Its sharp nails dug tightly between my necks as I cry out the pain. Trying to catch as much oxygen in the air.

"You shall not touch anyone but me ! You shall be punished "

Boomed the voice. Its demonic like voice ringed into my eyes. All of a sudden two eyes appeared in front of me. It was hard to tell who owned the eyes because the only visible part of my killer was its bright eyes.

The bright golden orbs was horrifying yet fascinating to look at. It was not human eyes that's for sure.

"Nice Skylar , Clever Skylar " It cooed leaving me on a memorising hypnosis. I felt my eyes boring into the magical bright eyes. I quickly redeemed myself.

I needed to get out here.

I pried its strong grip from my neck but it was no use. It got angry. It grunted loud and heavy.

I knew it definitely wasn't human.

Its grunts started turning into a loud terrifying growl. Its bright golden eyes darken and sharp teeth were shown. I screamed and opened my eyes realising I was in my room.

It was only a dream.

I felt my neck if there was any bruises or rings but there were not. Beads of sweat was running down my forehead. My breathing was quick as ever.

How could something that was fake feel so real ?

My mind was not functioning right. I couldn't sleep now. Who was that thing that attacked me ? It sure wasn't human. It reminded me of one thing......A Beast .

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