[disclaimer: long chapter ahead.]



no one uttered a word, no one dared steal a glance. from the looks on both of their faces, it was easy to tell that a million and one things were racing through their minds. both parties looked upset, with the second eldest looking the most upset; yoongi.

the only thing that was audible was the sound of the clock on the wall—tick tock tick tock it went—and the soft purrs of the cat as bora stroked the animal in her tiny arms.

jungkook continued to chew on his lip, occasionally squeezing jimin's leg to get him to stop bouncing it. the more he bounced it, the more nervous jungkook became and this wasn't even his fight. namjoon and hoseok sat far apart at the kitchen table, taehyung stood leaning against the kitchen counter. jungkook and jimin sat beside bora.

tension was thick and heavy and it showed no signs of dying down anytime soon.

it stayed like this for what seemed like an eternity. still no eye contact being shared between either of them, still no words being said. and jungkook was beginning to wonder how long this would keep up. they still hadn't eaten, he was getting a bit sleepy. maybe it was selfish of him to be thinking of himself in a situation like this.

"you're still in love with her?"

the only few words that'd escaped yoongi's mouth since seokjin's arrival. jungkook had called him, feeling unfortunate to be the one to tell him the news, feeling bad to have him turn around and drive all the way back. yoongi's words are obviously a question that jungkook thinks he probably meant as a statement.

unsure—maybe he changed his tone because he wanted a genuine response; confirmation. didn't wanna jump to conclusions.

seokjin clears his throat, "she's the mother of my child, yoongi. i'll always have some kind of love for her—she'll always have a special place in my heart."

"i asked if you were in love with her."

"i told you—"

"give me a straightforward answer, kim seokjin. no avoiding the question, no rewording your answer. just a simple yes or no."

it's hard to tell anything since yoongi wasn't making eye contact with him, since yoongi was just staring at nothing, since yoongi showed no emotion on his face. seokjin, on the other hand, looked pained.

"no. i'm not in love with her."


"excuse me?"

jimin stops bouncing his knee without jungkook having to grab it. taehyung looks up from the floor, namjoon and hoseok share glances, bora watches closely with mr. kitters in her lap. jungkook feels like he needs to shield the little girl for what he thinks is about to come, but he's not sure if it's the right timing to cover her eyes and ears.

yoongi doesn't hesitate to repeat himself, even smirking a little as he does so, "i said you're a liar. know how i know? because no best friend of mine would be that unhappy for me getting into a relationship unless something was up. i should've suspected it as soon as it happened, but i refused to believe my best friend would like the same girl i liked."

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