Chapter 13

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Niall P.O.V

Everyone's head snapped towards the door. Louis darted up and swung all the curtains shut before flicking on the lights. You could practically hear everyone's hearts beating.

The tension in the air was so thick you could've sliced it cleanly with a knife. Louis gulped and began moving to the door.

"No," Harry whispered, "Let someone else do it. Let them think they have the wrong house. That way we'll have a little more time to get ready to go." Louis froze for a second before nodding and offering the door to Zayn.

"Why me?" he whined quietly.

"Because it can't be me sorted, Harry and Perrie are hybrids, Jade's lived with Perrie for a long time, they know who Niall is, Jesy's too nice and... Leigh-Anne doesn't seem to be here..." Louis faded off.

"What about Liam?" Zayn asked.

"Well that's what we called you hear for - we found some information describing that Lia-"

The doorbell, split through the heavy whispering, continuously ringing.

"Alright! I'm coming!" Zayn shouted. He waved eccentrically at us to go hide ourselves.

"Right, sorry bout that I was upstairs doing the laundry," Zayn grinned, "What can I help you with?"

My breath was ragged and scared as I crouched behind the sofa with Jesy. We could hear the whole conversation clear as a bell.

"Do you know Harry Styles, Gemma Styles, Perrie Edwards or Ruth Payne?"

I turned to Jesy.

"Ruth Payne?" she mouthed at me. I shrugged. I hadn't heard it in the list earlier.

"Hmm, no sorry. Now I really have to go because I've got another load of washing that's due out... Right  now so I must say bye!" Zayn closed the door and leant against it. He shook his head at us and watched the men leave hiding under the curtains.

"Niall's right we need to go." He took a step away from the door and something fell out the letter box. He turned round, confused, and picked it up. His eyes widened at the small sheet in front of him.

I stood up from behind the sofa and took the sheet from his trembling hands. My breath hitched.

It was a photo of Leigh-Anne.

Jade P.O.V

As soon as I had seen the photo my heart had stopped and I don't think had started again yet. I had claimed I needed some air and had gone for a walk. Probably not the wisest thing to do but it was behind the house, round the park.

I sat on a swing and thought over everything. Two hybrids found captured and saved in one day, barely knowing anything about real life, kept in cages, then a third turns up, spills that other hybrids are dealt as prostitutes, gives us more information, then we find out they have linking stories, men are looking for us, Leigh-Anne is missing... GOD! What have we gotten ourselves into?

I wiped my hands over my face and rested my elbows on my knees looking at the ground. I rocked gently on the swing and didn't realise someone sitting next to me until they spoke.

"What's up?" a girl with long, straight, glossy black hair was sitting next to me. She had quite a pale skin tone and was wearing a black bralet and black sweatpants with chains of all sorts swinging round the top. She swung gently on her swing, waiting for an answer.

I shied away immediately, almost getting off the swing.

"Hey, stay! I'm not gonna hurt you or anything!" she called.

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