Into You ~ Part 1 {Jackson FF}

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Worst mistake ever...

You see a guy only in his boxers on top of your roommate. Great warning!

"OH my god," you screeched dropping your textbooks and closing your eyes feeling completely traumatized.

You heard laughter and you slowly opened your eyes and found your roommate and.... Jackson...

"Next time knock," Jackson says pulling up his pants and then he looks at you.

"So we meet again," he smirks causing you to roll your eyes.

You ignored his comment and picked up your textbooks off the floor for the second time and placed them on your drawer trying to ignore Jackson's existence. You sat down on your bed tired and you glanced at Jackson who approached your roommate close near her ears.

"To be continued," he whispered at her and she smiled and they pulled each other into a kiss.

Again you rolled your eyes and pulled out your phone. How could you roommate hook up with Jackson? He was the biggest fuckboy out here.

"See you around...." he says looking at you and you smiled as he didn't know your name. Let's hope it remains that way.

"Or not," you added and he just smirked and walked out of the room not saying a single word after that.

Your roommate looked at you and smiled.

"So are you and him a thing?" you asked your roommate and she laughed.

"No, we are just... I guess you can say fuck buddies." she says and I laughed.

"What number are you out of his list? 40?" you said smirking and she rolled her eyes. "Tease me all you want, but that boy is good in bed." she adds and you looked at her.

"This isn't your first time with him?" you asked surprised.

"No are you crazy," she responds and you looked at her surprised.

Well this escalated quickly.. Who would have guessed that you're roommate actually decided to sleep with Jackson knowing what type of repetition he has.


You successfully took a warm hot shower and was now laying down in bed watching your favorite show on netflix.

As you were distracted at your show you hear the door being knocked. Your roommate wasn't here so you clearly had to open the door or not but you weren't that messed up.

You lifted yourself off the bed and walked your way to the door and opened it finding the one and only.... Jackson.


"Can I help you?" you asked annoyed as you crossed your arms.

"Well that's no way to treat your guest," he says walking past you and you couldn't help but to laugh. Did you even invite him inside of the room?

"As if I care," you said looking at him as you closed the door.

"Anyways what do you want?" you said annoyed and he smiles.

"Your roommate told me to meet her here to head to the party," he says sitting her bed.

"Kay," you responded not really caring about his presences in the first place. You went back on your bed and continued to watch your show.

Your show was about to get good till all of sudden you hear music being played. You looked at Jackson who purposely began to play music and bomb his head with a huge smirk spread across his damn face. You stopped your show and looked at him completely annoyed.

"Do you mind?" you scolded him as you sat up from the bed.

"Not at all," he says and begins to sing to the song.

This boy was getting on your nerves

You got up and walked up to him. He looked up at you and you successfully snatched his phone from his hand and stopped the music.

"Now stop," you said looking at him and just as you were about to walk away he grabs a hold of your hand and stands up pulling you close to him.

"I know you secretly want me, stop playing hard to get." he says smirking getting closer to your face and you were beyond confused. What is this boy trying to do? One minute he is saying that you have nothing to offer and then the next minute here he is saying you want him.. He's funny.

You pulled away and began to laugh,

"Please, in your dreams," you rolled your eyes trying to release your hand from his.

"No, just admit it," he says still trying to pull you close to him.

You gave in and began to lean in and just as he was about to pull you into a kiss you stuck out your tongue and blew air at his face. He pulled away and whipped himself causing you to smirk.

"That's what I thought," you said rolling your eyes.

This was the first time you talked to Jackson and here he is thinking you wanted him like every other girl. He clearly didn't know you well... You were going fall for Jackson's foolish game no matter what.You walked back to your bed and you could hear Jackson say one last thing before you placed your headphones back on.

"You're going to want me eventually" causing you to laugh

As if.


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