Chapter 1: Going on Summer Break

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Finally done with my third year of college. I'm so happy. No more late night studying, early mornings or long lectures. But I am gonna miss the parties but I'll be back again so that's fun.

Right now I'm heading back home to spend some time with her. Oh! I almost forgot she said she got some news for me for when I get there so now I'm even more excited.

I finally get there and I see another car. Oh shit it's Camila. Shit Shit Shit. Why today? I wonder what she wants. Now I know what your thinking. Why are you so mad I thought you liked her? Yeah but I get soooo awkward around her and she just laughs at me so let's hope this goes well.

I walk in and see my mom and Camila talking. Camila's the first to see me and she winks at me and bites her lip. What the hell was that? I just shrug and make my way over. My mom sees me and tells me to sit so I do so on the other side of my mom and the Cuban Princess.

"So Y/N I have some news so here it goes." She seems nervous but then goes on with it.

"Your father and I have to go on a business trip for two months the whole time that you're out of school. I know you wanted to spend time with us but it came up unexpected we leave tomorrow morning at 3 so you won't be able to see us."

I'm at a loss for words this is even better I can invite my friends whenever I want and have parties. HELL YEAH!! But just as I get happy the next thing she says makes me feel like she doesn't love me.

"And since your father and I don't trust you, Camila will be staying here till further notice." I look over at Camila and she's smirking.

I think I just hit by the Bone Queen. This is gonna be the longest summer ever.
The next chapter shall be longer than this one.

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