Chapter 6

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An hour or two must have passed from the time I was sitting next to the wall waiting to meet the man I was supposed to marry - or at least it felt that long to me.

Knots were continuously tying in my stomach as every strange face that passed me I expected to be him. It was nauseating and tiring to sit around and wait for him because in all honesty I didn't know what to expect. My father had only mentioned once that he was older than me - three years to be exact but that was all I knew.

"Are you the girl who's engaged to Mr. Matthau's son?"

I almost didn't hear the question as a thousand thoughts stirred my head, the nauseating feeling I had worsening.

"Ye-Yes." I stuttered as I looked to my right at the woman in pink who taken a seat next to me. Her face was plump and pinched but it was cheerful and welcoming, her voice nice and soothing like a mother's.

"I'm surprised that a young lady like you would be getting married so soon. I must say, it's quite admirable that a girl of your age would be settling down so quickly - It's not my place to say but I think a girl as young and as beautiful as you should be enjoying her youth rather than being married so quickly but never mind that, from the moment I saw you walk in with Mr. Matthau I knew you were a decent girl. I knew you were the one who was going to marry Kerrick."

"Kerrick?" Even though I didn't know him yet, I felt a strange tinge of emotion just at the mention of his name.

His name sounded so strange yet it stirred a warm feeling inside me.

"Kerrick, what is he like?" The woman narrowed her eyes at me strangely before I moved quickly to clarify my words. "I mean from your perspective."

"Oh, well there's not much I can say about him; he's always so silent and he keeps to himself."


"Well, I'm just glad that he's found someone who can understand him!" She said patting me on the shoulder.

I knew I couldn't say anything and the nauseating feeling I had got worse. At that moment I felt like I needed to definitely get away. I wanted to be alone and lock myself in a room for at least an hour so I could settle my nerves and calm my head. The way I felt made me not want to talk to anyone, I just wanted to gather myself before I met him.

I stood up abruptly and looked around the room for a bathroom were I could go and splash water on my face to wake myself up but much to my dismay I saw my father's friend heading my way. My heart slammed against my chest as he smirked at me from across the room but I relaxed when I saw that he had no one with him.

I took my seat again and waited for him to make his way up to me, the nauseating feeling I had dying down when he approached me.

"It seems that I can't find him anywhere," He said disappointed. "I don't know where he's gone. He doesn't normally move around this much."

Even though I didn't say anything, my heart did a summersault in joy. Relief poured through my body as I let out an unrestrained sigh.

"Oh, are you looking for your son? He's in the room right behind us!"

My eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when the lady next to me spoke.

All this time he was in the room behind me.

Although I couldn't see it, I knew my face had paled considerably and my hands were shaking, cold.

All this time he was right behind me.

"Oh," He said a little disdainfully. "Well I guess you can go and meet him now." he said motioning to me.

I silently stood up, the noise and commotion from everything around me seemingly paled as my heart drummed away.

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