02. Making Memories

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My dear Lords and Ladies,

No, the results of the Goodreads Choice Award have not yet been announced. We don't know whether or not "Storm and Silence" has won yet. But when I thought of leaving you hanging any longer...

I just couldn't do it! :)

Mr Ambrose would be very displeased with me, after all, this chapter was supposed to be posted only if and when we win, but you have made such a fantabulous effort, I simply delay any longer!

The results shall be announced by Goodreads on December 06! And now...a chapter from Mr Ambrose's POV! I hope you enjoy it :)

Yours Truly

Sir Rob



She was here.

And probably not to work free overtime.

I had just been striding down the corridor, intending to lock myself in the cold and silent sanctuary of my office to ponder the significance of the thing in my pocket, when I opened the door and there she was.

No. Not 'she'.


Remember! Remember, especially here, in this office. This is Mr Victor Linton, your private secretary. Definitely not a 'she'.


But if she was a he, why was I carrying that little object around in my pocket?

Good question.

For a moment—just one moment—I stood frozen in the doorway, gazing at the gender-problematic person with the warmest, most fiery brown eyes I had ever seen in my life. She...He...It was sitting wrapped in an old, patched coat behind my secretary's desk, as if this were a completely normal thing to do on Christmas Eve. Forcing myself to move, I stepped inside and shut the door behind me with a decisive click.

"What are you doing here, Mr Linton?"

"Well..." Clearing its throat, it quickly tried to hide something behind its back. A...chocolate bar?

"Let me guess." Flicking a dismissive glance over the scene in front of me, I assessed the situation. "You felt miserable at your home, so you came here to feel miserable alone in peace."

It shot up out of its seat like a firecracker. Those oh-so-familiar brown eyes glared at me hotly. "Nothing of the kind! I'll have you know that I celebrated a very happy family Christmas at home. And I had an excellent reason for coming here! I...I...I needed to file some papers. Yes, that's it. I had forgotten to file some papers."

"And some oranges and nuts?" Cocking my head, picked up one of the Citrus reticulate. "I'm not sure they'll fit into the folders."

"Fine!" Snatching the orange out of my hand, she stuffed it into her pocket. "I admit it! I'm miserable! Happy now?"


But that wasn't what came out of my mouth. Instead, my lips asked, "So you came here?"

"Yes! Yes, I came here because this was the only place I could think to go."

Gazing down into those eyes, here, in front of me, for some reason I suddenly felt the need to re-evaluate my answer.

Was I happy now, here, with only us two in the cold office?

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