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Today's topic will be Goal Setting. Whether it's bra strap, mid-back, waist length or knee length you MUST know your goal before you can do anything. Most people like to say "Have a realistic goal" but honestly if you treat your hair correctly and take care of it any length is possible.


-You don't have to do it often but when split ends are present GET A TRIM! I know we all love length but split ends could cause more damage to the rest of your hair.


Make sure you condition your hair AT LEAST twice a month, I usually do it once a week but it's up to you. I really love Shea Moisture's Leave in conditioner {Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Grow}.

Deep Condition

Deep condition at least once or twice a month. I usually only do it once.


- Never let your hair get dry
- Don't style your hair everyday (may cause breakage)
- Try using oils (Olive, JBCO, Coconut, etc.)


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