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Dimitri sat in the semi dark room. The excruciating pain in his head had lessened slightly but sleep evaded him. A gentle sigh drew his attention to the bed. Lia's sleeping form moved slightly and he thought for a moment she would awaken. He sat absolutely still so as not to awaken her. Her movement had exposed the curve of her breast and he felt a stirring of desire. There was no doubt that in that aspect they were evenly matched. He thought back to earlier in the evening and his return from the captains meeting. He hadn't been able to tell her everything though and the demand that Igor had made about a truth search he had kept secret from her. She certainly didn't need more to worry about. She felt enough guilt about the events at Sergey's compound and he couldn't add to her burden.

Dimitri looked down at Lia. Although he knew a little more about her past now, there was still much to learn. As much as he hated to admit it, Igor did have a point. How had Lia escaped from the General? In the years that Dimitri had risen through the ranks to become captain, where was Lia? Although Dimitri knew with certainty that she was not a threat to him he could understand that to an outsider she could be seen as a threat. It was no wonder he thought wryly that he had such a bad headache. His mind was too full of questions.

Dimitri thought back to his earliest memory. He had not been able to remember his earlier connection to Lia until he had seen the mind search screens but he had known from that very first day when he had seen her on the bus that he knew her. His own memories were blank before his arrival into the compounds. Dimitri wondered if it had occurred to Igor that the memory search of Lia had not revealed much of Dimitri's own escape from the General. That was an interesting thought and for a brief moment Dimitri considered the value a mind search on him. Almost immediately he dismissed the idea. As a captain there was too much he knew that could not be made known.  Even to those most loyal to him. Dimitri sighed deeply. How on earth was he to resolve this? Without Igor and a divided group of captains he knew that they were an easy target for the General. But he also knew that he could not allow another mind search of Lia. Frustration welled in him.

He looked down again at the sleeping form of Lia. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked straight at him. Blue into blue.

'Dima,' she whispered. 'Come to bed.'

Lia pulled the sheet down to show him her naked breasts. Desire flared in Dimitri again.

'Mmmm,' he whispered back. 'You make it very hard for me to resist you'.

'Maybe that was my intention all along', Lia said seductively.

As Dimitri moved towards the bed and into Lia's embrace, he felt complete peace. Whatever choices he had to make about the future, he knew one thing with absolute certainty. When he was with Lia he felt like he was complete.

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